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    SCORE!!!!! Dipers for days and days.

    Medium, Mckesson. Their ok. I use a doubler with them.
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    SCORE!!!!! Dipers for days and days.

    Just scored 4 cases of diapers. That's 384 diapers in total. What is your best diaper score?
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    Any other Aeroplane Geeks here?

    I love airplanes, fling in them, fixing them, just being around them. Talking about Military airplanes, I thing the best planes out their are the A-10 Warthog, and the F-14A Tomcat.
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    Do you wear diapers in public?

    YES I DO. all the time, I love being padded up. can go any where.
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    Anyone ever sell a car before?

    If I understand you.... It has 130+K on it, the turbo needs replaced, and you paid almost 5k. And you think ppl are low balling you on the car!!! First the turbo will cost around 600- 1200 to replace. Then there is the fact that you have owned the car for a time. You are young, take the 3k...
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    Question about shaving privates - Frequency

    The shaving thing all depends on how hairy you are. As for me, I shave every three days. If you have just started, you might want to start off buy trimming the area really short. Then after that shave. A hint thou, when you start to shave the private areas. You might want to use a lotion after...
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    IQ - how seriously do you take it?

    OK, all this talk about I.Q. and all. I ain't got a clue abut mine. Hell do I even have one?? And if I do how do I find it?? The question is, Is there a test online that I can take that is FREE. I'm smart enough to not pay for some things.
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    Wisdom teeth: Do you have em?

    HEE HEE HA HA, Back in 1990(Oh crap...showin my age here) in Bootcamp. The Doc took a full mouth X-ray. And behold (drum roll please) NOT one wisdom tooth in my head. Doc told me I was going to be dumb my whole life.
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    longest you have gone without sleep

    I had a 77 hour run-in with that mean thing called insomnia. And the things ppl say about visions and hearing stuff is TRUE. Had to go to the hospital to get them to give me something to go to sleep. 31 hour of really messed up dreams. All I can say is that I'm glad I haven't had a bout of it in...
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    AMradio's Introduction

    You said that you live outside of ATL. I used to live in Griffin, GA I'm a redneck transplant here in IL I live, eat, and breath Country/ Country life style. As for cars, I love working on them, and own a dirt stock car.
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    short vid of wolf costume

    that suit was bad ass.
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    so ive kind of always wondered this?

    I did not pick mine, he pick me. When I lived in Wy. oh so many years ago. My family was camping(you know the real camping). and I got cought in the midst of a wolf family. I was not harmed by them(but had bad nightmares). till my family went to a wedding of our Native American friends. there...
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    Welcome to ADISC. Very nice and detailed intro. Although you lost my interest with the statement "I don't like country music". You made up for it with the rest,all the outdoors stuff,*paintball*,*target shooting*,*CARS* I love shootin guns, addicted to shootin paint, own a dirt stock car...
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    Name's Jason

    Other than your like of diapers. What do you like to do in your free time, hobbies, game sys., books, movies, sports. You know ,what makes you, you.
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    Hi All

    I'm taking a stab in the dark..... It looks as if you also have a thing for helos. I'm Babyracer (AKA Scott) nice to hear from you.