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    thank you thank you! :D my friend drew it of me! :D
    Hey there!! ^_^

    Thank you so much for accepting my offer of friendship!! **hugs**
    Made a transparent version of your avatar:

    Babymullet Ver 9.8,

    I enjoyed your Disney story. Found it first on Diaperspace (still not comfortable visiting that site), then their forum ate itself and your story disappeared. Thankfully you posted it here as well, or first.

    I'm not much of a story-reader, but I liked yours. It was original and humorous, and provided an interesting illustration of 'our' somewhat unique desires while incorporating our simultaneous desires to be accepted as functional adults.

    And I think it's pretty cool that you're a clown. I won't dis clowns any more.
    lol sounds like funn O.O i really want ice cream now
    hmh cast was never posted and first rehersal is *looks at clock* today -___- gahh
    gahhh sorry about that i actually had auditions these past 2 days so ive been high of theatre (my choice of drug btw) and someone gave me some energy drink O.O why would they do such a thing!
    *attacks* hi ^^ im mandy how are you today? lol sorry to scare you like that you seem very cool and im always up for friends and your a clown im jeoulus
    im a theatre kidd ^^ i mostly do improv i love to entertain people =D so uh hi *waves*
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