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  • Hi BabyMitchy!
    I just want to reach out and thank you for your videos. I love your Kermit video...the Rainbow Connection. I have a similar wonderment of life that you do. I too know loss and feel deeply for your loss of your Grandfather. I miss my Grams very much too...been 7 years now. It gets a little easier but you always miss them.
    Please no matter what, keep on doing what you're doing. I for one appreciate you and am supportive of you.
    Thank you!
    I'm very sorry to hear that. I realize that you don't know me but I know what it's like to loose someone. If you ever need a friendly ear, please feel free to message me.
    I saw you on YouTube and I wanted to say thank you! Your video about acceptance really helped me a lot and it's the reason that I'm here. I have been denying who I am for years and it made me a miserable person but after seeing that video and few more of yours I decided that I needed to be honest with myself.

    I came here and things are going great! I even made a few friends :)
    Thank you for helping me find the courage to be who I am :)

    Happy holidays and many hugs!!!!!

    I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and hope things get better for you. People like you that are unabashedly themselves are a rare thing. Even though you didn't get the audience you wanted, your vids were still awesome.

    Sorry to hear all of the trials and tribulations that you are encountering.

    I do not know what to say other then your in my prayers.

    Hang it there my Friend!
    Hey Mitchy, I've been trying to get ahold of you just to catch up and say hey. I sent you a message on FL a few weeks ago. Is everything alright?
    Hi Baby Mitchy, with the recent thread, I went to see your profile. On one side, please remain open-minded with all that getting public stuff. On a personal note, sorry to read your wife has a hard time with your little side. Please be patient with life as life can bring you later the joy of acceptance. Happened to me when I got to be 50....
    Hey Mitchy, I'd love to see your video that you mentioned... and hails from a fellow Pennsylvanian!
    Hey just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you're doing with your videos. Keep up the great work dude! You are a great face for the community!
    Just saw your YouTube video today, I'm truly touched and inspired by your words. You've helped me have a better understanding about being a DL rather than it being just sexual. I'be noticed my certain child side in my love for cartoons (especially on Saturdays), and for briefs (white and Underoos). So I guess I consider my kid side 5-9 years old as well, I guess. :)
    Hey man! Since you added me to your friends list I don't think we've actually spoken! O.O Anyways I was just wondering what you are interested in/what hobbies you have?

    Sorry I'm not the greatest conversation starter I know >.>
    Nice nice, been doing a fair bit of video game playing today

    Also went to watch the football, and should be watching the American football tomorrow

    Oh and seeing the family as I'm home from university this weekend. :D
    I love your avatar. This whole time I thought I was the only one who remembered that game... hard to believe it came out ~20 years ago.
    hehe your silly sorry btw i was trying to get my dog she escaped into the garden and was barking at the foxes lol what did the foxes do to her D:
    Hey mate how are you doing? Well don't cry you want some hug from Leopard?:)
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