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  • Saw you like green day :D I'm a big fan got alot of albums and watched green day's life story on the biography channel. What's your favourite song?
    Well, Green day, The Bravery, Foxboro Hot-tubs, Rock n' Roll soldiers, NickelBack, and I especially like this new band I found called "Manic Bloom". What's your favorite GD song?
    I'm gonna guess you like Green Day?
    Wanna IM or skype or something? Im bored since all the east coast guys are already asleep...:p
    TRYING to get a rock band going with a couple friends of mine.

    Best of luck mate, same going down here : P
    Ok then, my suggestion would still be to go for it, but see if your parents will be out of town for a few days, and look at the order form and try to plan the delivery to come when they are gone. Best of luck!
    Ohk, well I decided that if they askedwhat the package was, i would claim not to know and would want to open it at my own leisure. If they insisted on opening it there, i would tell them that maybe it was a gift for someone. If they opened it already, made you open it, i would claim that i didnt know what it was (only use that if you didnt say it might be a gift xD) and if they dont believe you, tell them it was a joke your friends pulled on you/a dare you made with them. If they throw it out, just wait until they are distracted/not around and sneak them to a hiding spot (maybe bring a bag, or if you are in school, hide them in your backpack when you get home.) But like i said, it depends on what your parents are like. I think this was your question but sorry if i misunderstood xD
    Well I can't private message you for some reason :p but what i did was i went to this Diaper Request Form and filled it out with what i could. I found what size to order for each brand on the site as well, just find what you want to get a sample of and find it on this page, the sizes should show once you click on the product: Sizing Chart. So anyway, i just thought to myself about what to do in the situation that they found it, i pre-meditated a course of action. It all depends on your parents and if they are nosy, etc...if you need more help/more tips when just ask me again. :D Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!
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