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  • This should not be happening. I am already on the other site but have not response on anything there. Cool down and come back. I will be working on cleaning this mess up here.
    Leave your profile open cool down for a day or two and get your butt back on here. This is Bs that is going on.
    Don't you go any where. I am fighting this battle with you. This whole things coming from people who are not IC and they need to keep their mouths shut. When people fell that they are not welcome this is a sign that tis is loosing site of what this site is a support community. We support each other nor chase people away.
    It got to me when I read it. Most of these people have no idea what those test involve. The whole thing comes down to us not having to spend a fortune on diapers. I should own stock in Depends and Attends for all I've bought over the years.
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