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    Diapered military?

    I myself am a former Marine and life long diaper liver who used to sneak diapers when I could on liberty. Now, many years later I am bladder incontinent and wear 24/7. I was wondering if there are any other former military on here who wear?
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    My wife and I went to Costco yesterday to pick up a few things. She ended up grabbing a coupon book and they had cases of the Depends pullups for $8 off the regular price (33.99 after discount). I wear a large and it had a count of 72 in the box. We ended up getting 2 boxes. My wife kept...
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    Road trip

    My wife and I are going on a road trip next month, my wife wants to go to Gallop new Mexico for an American Indian Swap meet. The issues arrises is that my wife wants to take my mother in law, normally this would not be a problem as I get along great with my motherin lwaw. The issue is that she...
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    Seen buying diapers

    I was out shopping with my wife on Saturday, I normally don't have Sats off so I decided to spend it with her. I decided while we were away from our town and hence figuring we would not run into anyone we know to grab some more Pull ups for myself. I went into a Walgreen's and grabbed a couple...
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    diagnosis (Kind of)

    Went to Dr on Monday and he told us that I have a combination of things. He said that due to my sleep apena I am sleeping so deep that my body is voiding urine without conscious thought. In that I don't wake up to go. He said that that is causing my body to "UN-potty train" itself, combined with...
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    Changes to your lifestyle

    I am a 37 year old male, I have been bed wetter for the last 3 plus years and about 6 months ago I started having day time issues. It started with noticing damp/yellow stains on my underwear. It got progressively worse to the point that I basically have bladder spasms if I don't make it to...
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    Frustrating Dr appt

    My wife and I went back to see my urologist yesterday and he told us that my tests had come back relatively normal, not visible growths or such and my bladder retention test came back normal. He said my bed wetting is being caused by sleep disorders. My wife and I both asked him about the day...
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    Who do you let know

    I have been deling with night time incontinece for a while now and have no trouble hiding it, my problem is I recently started having day time issues. I wear a guard at work and am about 30 feet from the restroom so I constantly go there (every 20-30 minutes). My problem is when not at work...
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    New to this ( Kind of)

    I have been a bedwetter for a while now, but in the last few months I have started having leakage issues during the day. This has really got me stressed out. I work in a very masucilne and ego driven field and if anyone found out I am afraid I would be thought of less. I am not sure how to...
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    Any of your neighbors know?

    I know one of my neighbors kows, a few years a go we had a bunch o fhot air baloons fly over our development (they do this same time every year, well I grabbed my camera and ran ito my back yard to see if I could get any good pics, well there was one really neat one but it was just passing over...
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    Bedwetting and Sleep APena

    I have severe sleep apena in that when tested I wake up on theaverage 89 times per hour because I stop breathing. I started using my CPAP Machine about 3 years ago and am sleeping better, but on nights I get deep sleep, I soak the bed. I have dealt with this by wearing abena xplus at night and...
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    Ever wish you could come out to everyone you knew. I get tired of hiding the fact that I am a bedwetter and that I enjoy diapers from everyone I know. I work in a Testerone driven field and it woudl really be liiked down on and I am afraid I would lose alot of friends behind it. I know I cannot...
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    diaprered Vets

    Hi, I a a Marine Corps vet, I served four years and was wondering how many other veterans were on here that have to wear ( or even if the only like to ) wear diaeprs/ Stay dry, John
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    I was wondering how many members of this forum are Vetrans. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps and am celebrating our 234th birthday today. John
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    Insurance and Diapers

    Does anyone know if health insurance will cover diapers for bedwetting with a doctors prescription. I have Blue shield and I know they don't but I contacted my wifes insurance and the lady told me to get a prescription from my doctor for them and try to get them through the pharmacy and see if...