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    What is it like to poop?

    It feels like a regular toilet but instead of falling you feel it apply warm pressure around your butt that spreads around as you sit. It can be enjoyable until you have to clean up a soaking wet, poop filled diaper. I usually try to hop in the shower after I mess. Although messing always seems...
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    Diapers are the way to go.

    Ever since I started wearing BetterDry diapers to work with my white onesie, I’ve never been more comfortable. Just being able to have the nice padding and not ask for someone to cover me for a bathroom break. Coincidentally I work at a movie theater right now xD. Haven’t worn regular underwear...
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    Hi guys, my name is BabyCook, I used to have an abdl instagram that got up to 2,000 followers before it was deactibated it. Ive been interested in diapers since I was pretty yoing, andhave been wearing when I can since i was about 13. I hope to start wearing more, and becoming active on here as...