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    Pampers size 8

    Not sure tbh I know you can buy them in Tesco and Sainsbury's but online and discreetly no idea sorry
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    Free classic Tena slip plus M Essex UK

    Where abouts would I pick these up if I overcome my anxiety?
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    Free classic Tena slip plus M Essex UK

    Omg that's where I live but I'd be too shy to collect lol
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    Anyone use diapers while gaming?

    I love wearing a nappy and having a dummy when playing long term strategy....but only when the wife's at work lol
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    UK Pampers Size 8 vs Drynites 8-15

    I have tried both 30/32" waist and I struggle to get pampers size 8 to fit without stretching the sides a lot but goodnites fit alright without any adjustment for me. But I did enjoy having the size 8s as they felt better tho. Still untill there's a bigger size pampers I'll stick with the Goodnites
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    My greatest fear come to life!!!

    Im not sure its a matter of letting sleeping dog lye, is it still where they found it? If so someone will have to move it at some point then questions may be asked. Personally I would wait for them to say something, and then explain like DeLira said. Good luck!
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    Busted in a pharmacy line-up

    Wow I would love to live out your way by the sounds of it :-) How I would love to live in your neighbourhood sounds rather idealistic. None of my friends or family know so im always worried of being cought, I work in the same town as I live and serve tons of ppl each day and do bump into...
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    Nappies in public

    Ok finally ive cought up with the thread. Now, I live in a sea side town, the most easterly point in Britain in fact, and our mcds is situated in the town centre perhaps a 4/5 min walk from the beach. We get all sorts here and nothing exists about no shoes shirt, no service. If that existed...
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    Donations to ADISC/Pay-Pal/Prepaid Gift Cards/Details Needed Please!

    Quick question, im using an app to read this while on break at work so cant see for myself until later, is the donation made in £ or $ and if in $ will I have to pay covertion %?
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    Just had to share this

    Brilliant :-) is there not an ad for another product that does the thing with the voices?
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    Dummy Talk

    Ive only had the one dummy, a nuk5 I use it mostly on my baby nights and sometimes to get to sleep, I find it sooths me and helps me sleep better.
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    Talk to parents want turned out to a good reaction toward me

    Poohbearboy! I find it fantastic that you have such a supportive family :-) I just want to say that I too hope you find your happy place and good luck :-)
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    hey bud, sorry long time to talk, bug hugs, hows things?

    hey bud, sorry long time to talk, bug hugs, hows things?
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    Hi :-)

    Hi lucie, welcome to adisc that was a great introduction I myself could not become vegan for I enjoy my steak too much :-) I hope you enjoy being a part of this community.
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    Diaper showing

    Bigbabybret. Yes concerned about bulk in the butt