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  • Hiya! I saw that you had a post a while back about having a Pittsburgh meet up and I just wanted to let you know I'm interested if you hold one in the future, or even if you just wanna hang out sometime, if that's not too creepy of an offer. Would it be too pressing to ask what part of Pittsburgh you live in (or if you even live IN Pitt, you didn't specify so you could be right outside it or something)? I'm a couple hours away in Bedford :3 and oh my God I just saw that you're trans too and that's so amazing I'd be so honored and excited to meet you if we can :3 sorry I'm really excitable :3
    lol, yeah i usally sleep for ages but in the past few weeks the most ive slept in one night has to be about 6 hours
    Hello Nikki! I'm new, obviously, just going around and finding new friends! would you like to be my friend?
    haha i hear you on that. Im tired, doin some hw
    hey nikki, im tryin to meet new people on the forums...wutsup?
    I just measured my shoulder span, I'm about a foot ^^
    The part I hate the most is I have a tummy though >-> I almost look pregnant. I'm 198 Lbs but should be like 155 for my BMI. x3
    I think the right clothes, makeup, and most of all hormones, might be able to help that a bit :3
    Because of money, I think I might only go as far as hormones, but I need a job before I can even do that >_>
    I can't stand my body either, and having that ugly thing, down there, *shudders* :( it's not fair! T_T
    Hehe hiya! ^^ I jus wanted to stop by to say hi! and that I'm transgender too x3 I'm looking to make friends with other transgenders because I'm feeling kinda down. Not being in the right body really takes a toll on me.
    Nothing much except I have discovered my brother is a AB/DL, and I am still in the process of gathering my thoughts on the matter.
    It has been awhile... how are you doing?
    its going great, i do believe you have more snow than me now, and i live in minnesota so i something is a little off there.... i think
    Oh hey. Sorry it's been ages since i've had the time to hang around here.
    I did get very far with it but recently i've been so busy that i've lost it. Shame, really.
    Hope you managed to get some good times from the knowledge on that site.
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