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    Video games that would make great movies?

    Ahh excellent, thanks for the heads up! =D
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    Video games that would make great movies?

    Okay, not sure if this has been posted before so apologies if so. Basically I have never seen a movie that has been made from a Video Game franchise, so generally I can't say if they tend to work or not. However I can't help thinking how great the Mass Effect series would be in movies, if done...
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    Starting the New Year off right - 2012

    Same for me =)
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    Greetings from Portsmouth, UK

    Hey, thanks for your welcome =) My fav nappies/diapers would have to be Drynites/Goodnites. I've only tried them and Underjams, and they come out on top. Really looking forward to the new 2011 designs but they don't seem to be readily available here in the UK yet =( How about you?
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    what headphones do you like, use

    The standard Apple ones that come with the iPhone 3GS, little white in-ear buds with mini-remote thingy on the right ear cable. Nothing special but they do the job okay for me =)
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    Greetings from Portsmouth, UK

    Hello everyone, I'm Azico81 *waves* =) I'm a 23 year old guy and despite my username I wasn't born in '81, I'm actually an '88 kid but that was taken when I set up my hotmail account. I'm a first year Uni student and one day hope to go into something like teaching or social work. I want to use...
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    New Drynites: Photos

    They look beautiful, thanks for posting :) I'm gonna see if Tesco and Amazon have the new ones down here when I move from the family home back to Uni.