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  • Nope. 1. Ive never been on it, and I'm on my iPod right now so i don't think I can get on it
    I got swim tech, Spanish 3, us history, debate and geometry. And I didnt think they called the class American lit outside of our district. But maybe I'm wrong.
    yea lol. i was jumping on my trampoline diapered and high, and that was awesome, but i went to get out and tripped, hit my head pretty hard :/ lol. ahh, this one time i was gone, and i stepped an a huge piece of glass in my room, and pulled it out with bent needle nose pliers lol, hurt so bad
    haha yea, well, like, 2 months prior they found a makeshift pipe i made from shaving wood and drilling, and it was pretty nice, and they found it, and they weren't too upset. but then, they found my bong, like i told the story, and i was grounded, but they weren't too strict on it. then, like, 3 weeks later, i was hanging out with some friends, and we were smoking on a loading dock at vons. well, a cop drives into the parking lot headed at us, and so i turned around and chucked the bowl as far as i could, but my friend had cigs, so the cop made us call our parents, and i got in trouble for that too. it was just a bad streak lol
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