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    Bambino Announces New Adult Sized Goodnite Style Pull Ups

    Nuuuuuuu if only! Haha :P
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    New goodnights

    I also have a hefty build and the newer goodnites do stretch quite nicely. So if you're around 38" waist you can squeeze into one but being a bit smaller would help for sure haha!
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    what is going on with tena?

    The tena slip maxi's are pretty good, I would be sad to see them discontinue as well. I found this little snippit from xpmedical's product page. "The version of Tena slip Maxi we sold prior to March 2015 (have) been discontinued by Tena. Sizes medium and large have been replaced by a new...
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    Love hate relationship with diapers

    Sorry to hear you're having a frustrating time. :( Maybe getting larger diapers would help, would certainly make them easier to adjust so they don't feel uneven. If you can't get larger diapers.... Maybe getting some small diaper stuffers would help? I'm thinking that the stuffer would possibly...
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    what diaper do i buy?

    I second that! Just be warned any time you start looking for better diapers it's going to get more and more expensive. Comfort and quality doesn't come cheap. :(
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    Perfer wearing baby diapers

    Baby diapers are nostalgic for me, I would love to wear them if they fit. Only ones I've been able to fit into are the L/LX goodnites and even those are a tight fit. They make some pretty awesome looking adult diapers but none of them are pull-ups. :( The day they make an awesome adult pull-up...
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    Snuggies Diapers Update

    These look rather promising. And they price relatively close to other leading brands. Though I tend to be a bit skeptical until I've read some reviews. Anyone planning on trying these?
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    Trying to become a bedwetter

    This has been, and will always be a large topic of debate among the AB/DL community. The desire to regress to that earlier carefree lifestyle is alive and strong in many of us, but what you need to recognize, and realize what many are already saying, is that you can take it too far. You now have...
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    Thickest diapers

    The new A+ line from xpmedical are quite thick. They're probably not at the top of the diaper food chain but I like them! :D edit: Oh also, if you're going for that waddle feeling, double up.
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    wetting while moveing ?

    Not necessarily. You're only contracting your muscles while asleep because you have learned to do it from an early age, all those months of potty training and getting scolded at for wetting the bed, it takes practice to literally untrain your brain from "I can't pee in bed! That's bad!" to "I...
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    Fellow dA artists, I need help

    That stinks. Sadly there isn't much you can do to stop art thieves these days. My only suggestions would be to make it even more difficult for the thief to continue to steal your art. Putting watermarks on your work is a good way to make it very difficult for people to steal the image. Signing...
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    Diaper Changes

    I remember when I was little I would distract myself by looking at the ceiling, or with things very high up that I couldn't reach. I don't recall ever being really fussy about getting changed, I think a part of me enjoyed the attention.
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    Avitar artist?

    I draw as a hobby and wouldn't mind doing some pieces for folks. I've been trying to find some inspiration to draw lately anyway. But just so you know, I won't draw sex or anything gross, a little kinky is fine though. PM me. :)
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    wetting while moveing ?

    It's different for everyone. Generally it's because your body isn't used to it, you've been trained to go in one position and have horned your skills in said position for many years. But with enough time and deliberate practice you eventually can go whenever and however with little effort. It...
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    Tips on Battling the Purge

    I had to do without diapers for several years even though I wanted them so badly, the way I dealt with it was staying busy. Hanging out with friends, playing a sport, exercising... Maybe getting a summer job would help? Just keep yourself busy and try not to think about diapers to the best of...