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    Hey guys!

    hello and welcome
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    Glad to see another guitar player in the house! Welcome!!
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    hello and welcome!
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    waves hello!

    It is more or less just the fact that he wouldn't understand it. We both have public type jobs. I have hinted at what I like as far as this goes and it's usually met with ridicule, so it's easier just not to bring it up with him, at least for right now.
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    The last time you were in a crib as a kid.

    I was pretty young the last time. My parents told me I pretty much was in a larger bed by the time I was 3.
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    Welcome to the site!
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    waves hello!

    Thanks! I'm hoping to talk to some people and make new friends. :)
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    waves hello!

    Well, here I am. I'm from CT but now live in NJ. I'm married, and have one son. I guess I'm here because it's something I have always wanted to explore but never worked up the courage to try it. I'm a pretty shy person but tend to open up quickly once I know someone. My husband DOES NOT...