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  • I've sent you a Private Message containing my MSN address, feel free to add me. Noted though, I've been undergoing certain troubles, so if within 2 days I haven't added you something is wrong with my account. If that be the case, send me a message your your add.

    As for weird stuff? Well, it depends on what you define as odd. Out my genre? Objectively weird? Analyze :p
    That's nice to hear. Joy Division are certainly an oddity, indeed. Rather creepy as you might say sometimes. Radiohead are sure awesome too.

    So, as for bands that root from JD, I take it your into Interpol and the likes?
    Thank you, I am quite surprised to see someone with rather similar musical tastes.

    If I can be so bold, which bands/genres of the one's I like strike a certain chord with you?
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