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  • I don't want to seem rude, but are you ever going to finish 'Towing Wyoming?' This had to be one of my favs, and it's kinda sad that nothing's been posted in so long. Cheers for when you return.
    Hey Austin I can't wait to see your next part of Towing Wyoming, just curious is it your intention to finish it first before working on any other future writing?
    I know, right! I was surprised at the lack of comments; it's such a good story, but it seems like a lot of the "in progress" stories have been getting less comments lately.

    Anyway, as always, looking forward to more.
    I'm finally starting to read The Dance too.
    Aside from occasionally signing in, I have been away from ADISC for some time (busy from school & a part-time job & such), but I finally caught up on v2.0 of Towing Wyoming; it was the first story from ADISC I've read in some time, & one of the best.

    It really is excellent; your writing is so vivid. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen next.
    Your Joesph Kross story was FANTASTIC. I don't know what else to say. I hope you have motivation in the future to write more. Easily the best abdl story I've read.
    Okay, Mister. Towing Wyoming needs some attention. You make a new chapter for it and ill finish my story. Do we have an accord?
    Hahaha, will do! *Salutes*

    Don't worry, the major parts of the story are all planned out. It'll continue being good, trust me. ^_^
    Oh yeah, The Hooligan was great. It ranks near the top of my favorite DL-themed stories. Oh, I understand, I've been really busy with classes. I'll definitely be looking forward to it when you get a chance!
    I'll let you know how I like The Dance; I plan to start reading it today.
    Thanks again for emailing me The Hooligan.
    I've been very busy for the last few months (& pretty much absent from ADISC), but I finally finished it the other day, along with Joseph Kross; they were both great. I really enjoyed The Hooligan; the alternating flashbacks worked really well, the characters were very well developed, & the plot was excellent.

    I still need to read The Dance, but I just read the beginning of Towing Wyoming, & so far it's quite engrossing.
    Oh, thank you for giving it a read, I'm glad you like it :) If you look in the finished section I do also have a story with a Male main character which you may prefer. As for what a dummy is the, it's just the British word for a pacifier, (also used in Australia I think) - I am very big on mine, I collect them :)
    Hello, thank you for the message :)
    I am really enjoying your story, and as someone who occasionally writes myself I know the importance of feedback. Although I have no idea what the issues might be I suspect that as you write so fluently and eloquently you will convey them in a way that ensures they make sense to the reader, and as you say many human issues transcend borders. So far I have understood everything in the story - I did have to look up the word Araphoro as it wasn't something I was familiar, but I like stories which sometimes require me to look something up and learn something new so that was definitely a positive thing.
    I wasn't able to respond b/c I don't have enough posts yet apparently, so I just emailed you.
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