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  • Hey hun, *hugs tight* how are you ? and er, whats 12th grade ? does that mean your 17 now ?
    Moving from Ohio to SC for college in a few years. I haven't yet, I still have to graduate and go to a little college up here for a while.
    Sorry. Graduating in less than a month, then heading to college is about all that's going on. :p You?
    cools, do you have any 85's?
    ah a WOW player, whats your favorite race? i dont own the game anymore but when i did i liked to play as a bloodelf
    just wondering do you play "League of Legends" because your avatar looks just like a fan made volibear skin
    I love hanging out in town, but money is a binding factor most of the time, and only a few friends like to do that as well. I wish I had a friend that was into ab/dl irl, too.. That'd be kick-ass to hang out in diapers knowing the other person is okay with it cause they're into it too, ya know? >.<
    For the most part. Boring though.. There's a lot to do, like every town, but then again there's only so much to do.. A few arcades, go see movies, cruise the town, eat out, hang out, lurk the mall, that's basically just about it. Swimming and all that, too.
    Nah, been feeling sick all day so I just went to lie down for a bit. Still not feeling so hot.. But could be worse.
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