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    Intrusive Thoughts

    I have had really bad intrusive thoughts for as long as I can remember, but only recently have I actually told anybody about it. I have a son who is nearly seven weeks old, and I find myself trying to distance myself from him in order to prevent my doing any of the things that I'm thinking...
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    My Views on the Upgrade, and Questions for the Haters

    I've been browsing the new site for about 5 minutes, and I have to say I really love it. It feels fresh and clean and I think it's much easier to navigate. It makes me want to get involved more. I can see that some people don't like it, but is that because you don't like it, or because it's...
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    ... goes with everything! Especially cheesy chips. (Or fries... if you're American.) And baked potato with cheese. Ohhh and egg! Egg mayonnaise :worshippy: Please share your experiences, positive and negative, with this amazing condiment. Is there anything out there that doesn't go with...
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    How do you pronounce my username?

    By that I mean... how do you personally say it in your head when you read it? Since it's not really a word... I'm just interested.
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    It's me again!

    I'm sure many of you go through the same thing, but I've been really disinterested in the whole scene for a while... until now! I won't bother with another detailed introduction (see my sig!), so I'll just issue a few updates! I currently have no plans to go to university. My immediate goals...
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    Can't log into MySpace

    I'm trying to log into MySpace, but everytime I log in it just reloads the home page and asks me to log in again. Email and password are correct. Anyone else having any trouble or is it just me? :dunno:
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    Introducing janeygirl14

    Heh, she is too shy to say anything, and she doesn't really know what to say, so I'm uh... breaking the ice... as it were. Regulars+ can look here. She is one of my best friends and I recently told her about me, and she was more than accepting of it. Anyhoo, her interests include ballet...
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    Quitting Smoking

    I've been smoking now for about a year and a half, and I've decided (again) that I want to quit. Obviously I haven't succeeded before, but I hope I can this time. I just feel like crap all the time, and I get out of breath really easily. I still have about 20 left, so I'll just keep them in the...
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    The Ungu Appreciation Society

    #1 Just because Ungu is easily the coolest layout :cool:
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    I need some motivation -_-

    Before I start, a quick guide to the education system in England: Ages 4/5? to 16: Compulsary education. 16+: Do whatever you want, but a lot of people go to college to do A-Levels for 2 years, before going to university. Anyway. I used to love school when I was younger, always did all my work...
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    IRC Trivia

    I've been playing this for about a year on various sites and I think it's really addictive. Does anybody else play?
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    My mum is dragging me along to see Funeral for a Friend

    OK so I actually do want to go, but I just think it's so awesome that it was my mum's idea :D
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    A Proper Introduction

    Hellos, this is my third introduction! However, the last two sucked pretty bad and didn't really say much about me. So, here goes: About Me My real name is Ash (ok, ok, Ashley, but don't call me that, only my mum calls me that when she's mad at me). My fake name is Arlikra, in case you...
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    Father's Day

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't look forward to this "holiday" for various reasons. I get similar feelings around my birthday and Christmas, but I usually cope with it reasonably well at those times. Sometimes I just can't bear the void of my Dad not being there at these special...
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    I told somebody...

    Okay, so I was never actually planning on doing this, but I really trust this person and suddenly it felt right to actually tell her. I hope nobody rushes into telling anybody for it to all go drastically wrong... Anyway, it went GREAT :D. I didn't actually tell her, I just linked her to...