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    When are you most inclined to put on your diapers?

    1. When I have stress. I have ADD and sometimes it seems that a diaper (and onesie, sippy cup, plushie, etc) is actually the best medicine for temporarily bringing the endless thoughts to a halt. 2. And when I'm horny in the... mood ^^ (no further explanation needed I guess)
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    An obvious public sighting, don't hesitate to share yours!

    I've seen a guy in a supermarket grabbing something from the floor. While he was bending over I could very clearly see his diaper poking out. I would guess he was about ~37 years old. It was an intriguing sight, but not that special. I felt kinda... guilty? Because it felt like I was witnessing...
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    Were you ever punished with diapers but then liked it?

    As far as I know I haven't been punished in such a way as a kid. Only as an adult, with consent, by other abdl's :D The whole thing with a punishment in a bdsm context, is that there should be a certain kind of discomfort, but in the end you should be able to enjoy the situation.
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    Hi, I'm MiniMaxKiddo

    Hey welcome Minimax, You have been such an inspiration for me when I was younger. Seeing someone fully accepting his abdl-side was really an eye opener for me back in the days. Seeing boys so open about who they are, helped me accepting myself. Just one thing (I don't hope we will go off...
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    Male or female

    In general I think having a fetish is more common in males. Almost all the girls I've met in this scene were mostly AB-ish.
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    where r u all from

    The Netherlands. Grew up near Rotterdam. Recently moved in with boyfriend who lives somewhere near the city Leiden.
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    Greetings from The Netherlands!

    Thank you! I did recognize your profile picture and nickname :) Thank you for your kind words! And cool to hear you have Dutch blood! You ain't much if you ain't Dutch :P 🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
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    Greetings from The Netherlands!

    Hey everyone! Resurrection of an old account I'm Ares (not my real name) from The Netherlands. Yesterday I decided to create an account here. I had some trouble receiving the account verification e-mail so I tried using a different email address. It was then when I found out I already created...