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    ABDL Computer Game Idea

    I don't find the premise particularly engaging, but there's probably something you could do with relatively simple frames out there. RPGmaker is pretty usable for a basic thing, although it's focus is a bit off genre here. Not sure what's best for making a shooter, but there are a bunch of...
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    Babyish Insults 2

    Are these insults we're using to refer to our babyish selves, or insults we use as babies to talk about other people? Because I totally think of people as stupie-poopy heads sometimes, but I wouldn't use that for myself. I like cutie-pie and that sort of thing for me, personally.
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    Does this work to wake up with a wet diaper?

    Sorry, reports of it working are mixed at best, especially trying to do it yourself. It was also busted by mythbusters.
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    Being little in public

    Those are a couple really cute examples of littleness in public. For my part, I like to let myself get excited sometimes when it's appropriate. Zoos are good for that, but so are all sorts of places, there can be cool things around an office or walking around downtown, or just seeing somebody's...
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    Wanting to make myself incontinent but don't want to ruin my career

    Read the job description for the type of job you want. They've got postings online, there's a job description listed for the different types of jobs. If something in the job description seems like it would be hindered by 24/7 diaper wearing, then 24/7 diaper wearing is going to pose a problem...
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    WARNING! Christian rights been removed

    For a forum that's about support for people with an unusual interest in wearing diapers for comfort or sexual reasons, I am disappointed with the lack of empathy that sometimes seems to come through in these discussions. Forget the law here. The point is that people who try to refuse services to...
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    Where did the "punish everybody" mentality come from?

    This needs a bit of context, I think. It's not actually one unified phenomenon, but rather a bunch of different ones in different contexts. For example, let's look at something like food sales. Sometimes the rules for food sales seem really restrictive and dumb (like not being able to sell your...
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    How do people around you react?

    Yeah, I'd say that reactions are basically nonexistent outside of intentional interactions. I've been to some munches and people will sometimes compliment or draw attention to the fact you've got a diaper on if they're the topic of conversation (which honestly, is less than 10% of the time at...
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    A Travesty with Diapers from Target

    The distinction is important though. As you point out, not all white people are well off and powerful, and neither are all black people (or any other race or ethnicity) all poor and suffering. The difference is more one of assumptions. If you, despite being in less than ideal economic...
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    Call it what it is...

    For what it's worth, if HR is being formal, they're actually being technically correct. This came up in the thread a little ago while about about whether you can buy diapers with an FSA account or not, and one of the major things to note is that according to most of the government definitions...
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    Finished Forever Little

    Interesting little read. I agree with SpAzpieSweeTot that this bit was a little off. All throughout, I was thinking of Charlie as, y'know, obviously really into the fetish, but also a pretty good guy, and the story was more about Sydney wrestling with a combination of her pleasures and dislikes...
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    Why is everyone against pooing in nappies

    Nailed it. It's fine to talk about what you're doing in private. It's pretty bad to smell strongly in public and make other people uncomfortable by doing so. It seems like the topic most frequently comes up in relation to public messing though, which I why I think the strong negative reaction is...
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    When was the first time you got caught wearing a diaper?

    I've never been caught either. I've told some people intentionally so that when we hang out I can be a little more comfortable around them, and I have a strict rule of not wearing to work because I want my pleasure activity to be separate and I don't want even the tiny risk associated with it...
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    Getting a Second Opinion / Diaper Embarrassment

    Hmm. My advice is to see a psychologist and talk about this with a professional who can address all the details of your problems and help you work through them over time. I'll do what I can to help here, but I think that will be most effective in your situation. My read of that situation is...
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    PeekABU Thoughts

    Fair enough. Peekaboos are definitely at the point where if you're not going to wet them at least twice, probably three times or more, you'd be better served wearing a different diaper. They shine only for very long wear with lots of accidents.