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    Dream Characters on ABDL diapers

    Baby Looney Tunes for sure (specifically Sylvester) And Reptar!
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    Public pool

    I wanna go swimming in a regular diaper someday
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    Daring Acts

    Yeah looks were just about the extent of it, it was a very emboldening experience! I feel more confident about liking diapers.
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    Wearing a diaper in public.

    A lot of gay bars have an underwear night (where everyone is in just their underwear) and I've heard of people going to those in diapers and nobody caring.
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    Daring Acts

    I went to a nude beach in just a diaper. Well first it was under my suit and then I decided "screw it" and took it off! Then I laid back on the beach and it very relaxing! Only a couple people gave looks but nobody cared. Then I took it up a notch and swam in it :D
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    SIDF: Sleep In Diapers Friday

    I got some Rearz Safari, first time Ive ever had a real ABDL diaper, heck it's my first adult diaper that isn't a pull up kind cx I'm so excited to participate in SIDF like the big boys do c:
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    Question about buying diapers

    So my parents wouldn't get any kind of notification about it?
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    Question about buying diapers

    I want to order some "Rearz Safari" but websites like Rearz and Bambino use the billing address, and since I live with my parents, I don't want to pay for it that way. Is there a way to buy diapers from bambino or Rearz that's not using the billing address (I know there's other options but these...
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    Best diaper you ever tried

    Can't even fit in them anymore, and I'm plotting on getting legit pamps soon, but I would have to say good old Huggies.
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    Told my best friend

    So I have this friend, who is basically my brother from another mother and I have been wanting to tell him for so long now. My parents found out the hard way (damn browser history, the one time I didn't use incognito). But I never actually told someone about it. He knew for a little while that...
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    What is your favorite baby diaper/pull up?

    I loved Huggies when I was able to fit in them
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    If you have 3 wishes what would they be

    1. A special box I can pull anything out of 2. Diapers being more common and accepted 3. Half Life 3
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    My friends are DL's too!

    No, but man that sounds like an amazing life you will have now!
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    Two Diaper Dreams

    So i have had two diaper related dreams recently (both with my fantasy diaper: a huggies that is my size) So in my first one I was wearing my fantasy diaper but it was extremely wet and heavy with water (And I loved it :3) and for the entire dream I was just in this room enjoying it and...
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    Your Avatar?

    Mine is of my newest fursona Lou the Charmeleon.