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    Where to buy diapers in Melbourne

    Oh! Independence Australia. One of the few places you can pick up Molicare Super Plus' for a good price. :) Visit our showroom You can go to a showroom and buy whatever you need. They also offer free discrete delivery should that become an option for you.
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    Where to buy diapers in Melbourne

    Check Cincotta Chemists. I used to buy Tena Slip Maxi packs from them. If you find one, you can also get a loyalty card and get your tenth packet free.
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    Would you call this a binge and purge cycle?

    I completely understand where you're coming from, but just to help you get a clearer picture of the binge/purge cycle - try this article: I binge/purge and know that I'm not ready to accept it completely either.
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    I bought Japanese Diapers!!!!

    I like the way these look! How are you and your boyfriend finding them? Are they discreet if worn under clothes?
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    My very first thread.

    Awesome. Thanks! I'll gather my thoughts and maybe post something over the next few hours. I will definitely check those out too. I remember seeing snippets of them while at college a few years ago but never getting around to watching them. Now that they've been remastered - I will definitely...
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    Seeing a therapist soon...Nervous about what to say.

    In my experience, the therapist will lead you through the sessions. It's really important for them to make you as comfortable as possible and to let you know that you have their complete attention, so don't worry too much. Whether you tell them in the first session or later on down the line -...
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    I'm so jealous. I've wanted to try Bambinos for a really long time but they don't ship out here.
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    My very first thread.

    Hi guys, thanks for replying! BabyMitchy - I really liked FLCL and as for Voltron - I loved it when I was a kid, but watching it as an adult isn't the same for some reason. I still have a Voltron toy around here and it's definitely one of my favourite robots too though. What about the original...
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    Me as a new baby

    Hi Emma :) It's nice to meet you. I just graduated with a degree in composition and education. Do you play contemporary or classical for your degree? I minored in psych too - are you considering pursuing it further?
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    What your favorite cartoon shows

    All time favourite - the original Transformers G1 series. Though I loved Aladdin, Dragon Ball Z, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and MASK (not the Jim Carey film spin-off show) too.
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    My very first thread.

    Hi all. :) I've just graduated with a music/education degree, am looking at further studies in a different field and considering teaching English in another country. I guess I'm pretty much a garden variety DL and have been that way for 10+ years. I still haven't completely come to terms...
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    New Here

    Hi petitewhimsy, I'm new here too and minored in psych while completing my first double degree in music + education. I'm really considering commencing studies in psychology over the next 12 months or so and would love to ask you some questions about it if you don't mind. :) I also know...