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    How I got through it with my wifes help

    Just saw this post and wanted to pass on my thanks for your service, along with my condolences for the passing of your wife. Glad you found a happy landing spot in Texas!
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    Night time diaper

    I would suggest Northshore’s megamax in white or blue. It’s my go to night diaper and I have yet to have a leak in bed. Also very reasonably priced for the quality and absorbency.
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    Your starting point and getting hooked

    I’ll echo Cottontail here. I had always wanted to be back in diapers. My earliest memories (from 3 years of age) were wanting to be back in diapers. Mostly at night to begin with, as I was a bedwetter until beginning college at 19. By that time, though, I knew I would prefer to be diapered most...
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    Recent vintage Pampers scent search results

    Very interesting! I look forward to hearing more and hope you find what many would consider the "holy grail" of vintage scents.
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    Regarding the Northshore Megamax

    I just received my order and love the changes! The shell is softer, the diaper is a little thinner and they seem to wick a bit better than before. They still hold as much as they have in the past and swell a bit throughout the day. I’ve been using megamax exclusively for several months. The...
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    China Tariffs coming September 1 on Diapers and Underpads

    Why is no one talking abut the blue mega max reveal from Northshore on this site?
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    Diapered ... most of the time. And loving it!

    Diapered ... most of the time. And loving it!
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    Very well written and compelling! Nice job.
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    Long time bed-wetters?

    I wet just about every night until I started college at 19. Never wore diapers for that, but always longed for them. I wanted to be back in diapers for as long as I can remember, so I’m not sure if the bed wetting was a reason for the dl thing or not. Started periodically wetting again at night...
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    Not sure what to do.

    That’s a tough question, and one I have thought about a lot as my children grew. I would not hold back something any of my kids wanted to try as long as it was not illegal or unethical. Diapers didn’t end up being an issue for any of them (that i know of), but there were other things that my...
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    Finishing Last (Remake)

    Nice start!
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    Goodbye ABU, Hello Tykables

    I understand where you are coming from. I have been a big fan of ABU since the new owners took over. However, their prices have continued to climb to the point where it just doesn't make sense to shop there exclusively. For me, I wear 24/7 and the cost is certainly a factor when choosing a...
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    Northshore new product November! :DDD

    I’ve been wearing these exclusively this week. I ordered the mediums and love the fit. I have a 38 waist and get a very good fit. I have had the landing zone break and peel away over night on a couple occasions, but overall really love these.
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    How I Got My Mom To Get Me Diapers

    I totally agree. This site was, at one time, a great place for support. Not anymore. I have avoided posting personal struggles due to the non-supportive or non-understanding replies that are all too common.
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    Need help explaining “acceptance”

    Runner, you make a great point. I am really desiring a strong emotional bond with my wife as well and am working toward that. We are in the early part of the process of reconsiling and are really taking a look at our relationship as a whole and repairing what we can. Thanks for the response!