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    I had an institutional regression...Has anyone else?

    Why all the hate? we all have a story...
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    Sex vs diapers

    Physical intimacy is more important.
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    Did anyone wear diapers at college?

    It took me a few years to realize that I did not have any desire to wear the year I was on campus. Not sure if I was just in a good place emotionally, if I was just to busy between a full schedule and a full time job, or what, but it is the only time in my life (I’m in my 50’s now) where I...
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    All About Cloth Diapers

    Anyone know if there is a pin-less option for cloth diapers outside of velcro?
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    Same or different diaper?

    Definitely different. I have tried both and was not a fan of either. They just didn’t seem to “hold their water” well. Although, that’s the only similarity.
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    Medical vs ABDL Diapers

    Having tried just about everything out there, I have found that fit is the main factor and print is secondary. My current favorite is the Rearz Inspire in control. Overall fit is amazing for my body type, the absorbency is at the highest end and leaks are at a minimum. I do like ABDL printed...
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    Zipper Plastic Pants? Yes Please

    According to the site, there is a rubber flap that fits between the interior of the pant and the zipper that prevents leaks. Anyone know if they ship to the US?
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    Zipper Plastic Pants? Yes Please

    Would love to get a pair!
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    Experience Of Being Spoon Fed

    You wife once gave me a taste of something she was eating and spoon fed me. It was not ABDL related, but had a profound effect on me. It has not happened since, but I’ve been craving it ever since (20+ years).
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    Found my Boyfriends secret stash, do I bring it up or wait for him to be ready to tell?

    Sad to see this go quiet. Hope the OP and her boyfriend are doing well.
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    What's your very earliest memory of diaper interest?

    Mostly anger and a plastic mattress cover. My parents divorced when I was very young, so in my early years, my dad just kind of tolerated it. As I got older we moved in with my mother and her husband. He was mostly angry about it. Occasionally I would get my hands on actual diapers, or...
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    Found my Boyfriends secret stash, do I bring it up or wait for him to be ready to tell?

    Bee, I commend you on how you are loving him in this situation, which bodes well for your future together. So many of us would love to have an SO as understanding as you are about us as a whole person. I hope things work out well for you and this brings you two closer. Thank you for sharing this...
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    What's your very earliest memory of diaper interest?

    My earliest memories revolve around wanting to be back in diapers. Do not remember a time when I didn’t. I was a bedwetter and did not grow out of it until I was nearly 19. Was not allowed to wear diapers for it, which probably made me want them more.
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    Anyone have the problem saying the word " diaper "

    Love the word, especially when my wife says it. She has recently began to be more accepting after many years of the opposite.
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    One word.