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    Initial Primary Care Appointment

    i once wore a magamax to a doctors apportment and the lady doctor ask where i got them and how ;long they lasted as she did surgerys that lasted 8 hours or more and needed something better then hospital diapers. she knew i was a EMT and was open with talking about it.
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    Tech Nostalgia

    i still have a old microsoft dos computer that now has linux on it and runs my security system. though it will shortly be retired and replaced with a raspberry pi 4 mod B
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    What computer or laptop do you currently own?

    I have two laptops one lenovo windows 10 that i seldom use because i can not run firefox on it due to a windows update My main laptop is a Lenovo T410 ThinkPad running Linux mint 20.1 with a 500gb SSD drive Both computers use to run on windows 10 and were getting very slow. the windows 10...
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    How does your name represent you .

    anned =ANonymous NED
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    Has anyone ever met or seen an abdl randomly in the wild? (not at a much or meetup)

    I ran into another abdl at a hot spring years ago. Somehow he heard the russel of my diaper.
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    Been zaped by everything from 48VDC to 40000Volts DC to 60 volts AC on a ship that had 60volts on each side of outlets to 450 volts AC. I always made it a habit to first touch any electricial wire even if it was locked out with the back of my hand FIRST. as the back of your hand will pull away...
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    Hello Old timers ...

    My first truck had a window evaporation cooler. it worked but had to add water all the time. now one for a car sells for $400+.
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    Diaper Hygiene

    Diaper Rash is best treated with sunlight. But if you are not also a nudist like me find a good place to expose the area to sunlight.
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    Hello Old timers ...

    I wore them too but in the NAVY (1970-74) Sailors wore them because if you went overboard you could take them off without removing your shoes.
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    Toilet mapping is gone

    i use a North Shore large booster inside a magamax diaper. good for about 16 hours and fun to wear.
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    Earliest memory in a diaper?

    About age 6. I can remember being put in night time diapers by setters. My parents had me put on my own diapers but when they were not home and setters were taking care of me and my sisters they always wanted to diaper me and i liked getting diapered by them. The last time i got diapered by a...
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    Diabetes and Incontinence

    I have small fiber neuropathy from sarcoidosis that i have had since 2003. In 2010 i was DXed with diabetes and now my doctors that don't read my medical history keep blaming my neuropathy on the diabetes. Small Fiber Neuropathy is a body wide form of neuropathy unlike diabetic neuropathy...
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    Question about aio cloth diapers

    I have found that they do not wash well and sometime trap urine deep within the aio fabric. Plus they take a log time to dry.
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    Can we stop labeling AB/DL as a kink/fetish only plz

    i am a long time DL that no longer worries because i am now IC due to a autoimmune neurological disorder
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    Disability Poll

    neurosarciodosis, small fiber polyneuropathy/fibromyalgia, cabg x5, diabetes type 2.