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  • Hey there, I just wanted to say hi and to also say I checked out your site that you have linked. It was berry cute. I loved the pictures of your dream nursery stuff and I think that it's nice that you seem proud of things that I'm still in my own way, struggling to let myself accept. *big hugs*
    About a month ago your requested pictures of the clothes I bought. I finally got around to uploading them.

    It's under pictures in the sissy section.
    :hugattack :Happy new year . May all your wishes come true in the new year. Xoxoxo and a few extra xoxoxo for good luck katy. :wub: :huglove:
    Have a glorious day and i wish you the best of luck today. There are angels walking amongst us every day they just haven't earned thier wings yet , earth angel.
    Went to your site a day or two ago, left a comment on your story! Hope to see more soon :)
    I think i visited your site previously...love the design and stories ^^
    [email protected] I just visited your webpage and it's very cute and awesome :) I adore your doll,Emily. She's beautiful and looks a lot like my doll Dolly :)

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello~
    Thanks bunches! My mind is a complete mess at the moment... I really just wanna get fucked up... LOL... Man I can't wait for the next 4 months to fly by :p... but yeah... I'm just a mess right now... So I really appreciate the acceptance of this!

    On top of that I have a new story idea I'm trying to toy with... but I don't want to start that before I help you out... ugh... CONFLICTION!!!
    Just wanted to apologize for not being able to get around to your story :/ it's been a crazy week... I'm hoping I might be able to get around to it sometime tonight, tomorrow or Monday?

    Again.... SOOOOOOO SORRY!
    Your avatar is sooo cute! X3 Lovely paci you have there <3
    I am at school where are you what are you doing
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