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    I'm doing well thanks.

    I'm doing well thanks.
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    New XP Medical Beyond XP5000 Diapers

    Yes, I did call them, and they advised I try out a sample of these new diapers, so I agreed, and they said they would ship out a sample from their warehouse, but due to the COVID-19 problem, it could be delayed a bit...
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    New XP Medical Beyond XP5000 Diapers

    I'm waiting for a sample(s) of these. Do they really have all that printing/writing all over the front, or are they just plain and white?
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    XP Medical Beyond 5000 Diapers...

    Hi !!! Has anyone tried out the new Beyond 5000 diapers from XP Medical? I just called and ordered a sample from them. They are plastic-backed, but they have velcro fasteners. That's the best of both worlds, in my humble opinion. The protection and absorbency is supposed to be fantastic. I want...
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    Welcome to ADISC! I've been incontinent since 2014. I wear diapers every day, about 3-4 usually. Pretty much most of my friends know, and they've been very supportive and kind to me. If anyone gives you any BS about wearing diapers, just remember that it's your personal business, and at least in...
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    Hi I’m Kayleigh

    Hi Kayleigh! Welcome to ADISC! I'm Scott. I've been incontinent and wearing diapers since 2014. I identify as a Babyfur/Little as well. I like wearing onesies and cute clothing that embraces my Little side. Would love to hear more from you - please feel free to message me some time. Please stay...
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    My latest post on FaceBook...

    No, thank you for your concern, but I've so far received very positive commentary from my friends on FB. Thanks!
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    My latest post on FaceBook...

    Hi! This is my latest post on FaceBook that I just posted. Thought you folks might want to read it. Thanks! Within all this uncertainty and feelings of not being safe because of COVID-19, today I am grateful for small or large "creature comforts," and I am drawn to recall a certain memory of...
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    "Angel Kitten" in his "Jungle Friends" onesie (2018), with his Teddy Bear, "Bearthoven."
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    "Angel Kitten" at home, 2018 - the face of incontinence...
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    Urologic testing???

    I cannot understand why these "quacks" put us through humiliation and what is very close to torture to satisfy their own motivations and basic greed. My Primary Care Physician was compassionate and understanding and empathetic to my needs when I told him I was having trouble holding my urine...
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    Transitioning To Wearing Diapers 24/7...

    Hi Chuck, in answer to your question- - - I use Abena L4's with Tranquility booster pads, or Better Dry's. I am having a little trouble wearing diapers 24/7 atm, but overall, I am getting to the point where I will wearing full-time. Thanks for the replies everyone!
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    Transitioning To Wearing Diapers 24/7...

    Well, I've been wearing diapers for about five years now, just not all the time day and night. Fortunately, I do like the comfortable feel, look, and function of them, so I suppose going 24/7 will not be that hard at all for me.
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    Transitioning To Wearing Diapers 24/7...

    Thank you !!!