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    Urologic testing???

    I cannot understand why these "quacks" put us through humiliation and what is very close to torture to satisfy their own motivations and basic greed. My Primary Care Physician was compassionate and understanding and empathetic to my needs when I told him I was having trouble holding my urine...
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    Transitioning To Wearing Diapers 24/7...

    Hi Chuck, in answer to your question- - - I use Abena L4's with Tranquility booster pads, or Better Dry's. I am having a little trouble wearing diapers 24/7 atm, but overall, I am getting to the point where I will wearing full-time. Thanks for the replies everyone!
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    Transitioning To Wearing Diapers 24/7...

    Well, I've been wearing diapers for about five years now, just not all the time day and night. Fortunately, I do like the comfortable feel, look, and function of them, so I suppose going 24/7 will not be that hard at all for me.
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    Transitioning To Wearing Diapers 24/7...

    Thank you !!!
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    Transitioning To Wearing Diapers 24/7...

    Hi. Just a quick update on how I have been doing lately. I am very well and happy, though my condition of incontinence has worsened over the last few months to the point that I have decided to manage it by wearing diapers all the time, 24/7, starting tonight. This is going to be somewhat of a...
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    Article about the adult diaper market

    I am at least partially incontinent, urge incontinence with full voids of my bladder mostly, but I really want to transition to wearing diapers full-time. Guess I really am a DL in disguise. :)
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    My latest Facebook post: I enjoy wearing diapers... good call!
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    Favorite part about diapers?

    Ah yes, the soft feel against your skin as a smooth, fresh new diaper hugs your body like a forgotten embrace....
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    My latest Facebook post: I enjoy wearing diapers...

    Hi! I just posted on Facebook about my having incontinence for five years now, and the fact that even if I didn't have to wear diapers for incontinence, I would still enjoy wearing them. Here's a link to the post. Please read, if you like, and comment. I love to hear comments! Thank you. Angel...
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    Am I genuinely a "Diaper Lover," or...?

    Hi. I was diagnosed with urinary urge incontinence about five years ago. I usually wear about one or two diapers a day to manage this condition. When the urges happen, I experience very heavy flows of urine that are uncontrollable. Diapers, booster pads, and cover-up pants (now the PUL kind...
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    "Littles" with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

    Aspie's Little saying "hello" again here.
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    Usage of diapers

    I have urge incontinence, so that means that when I have the urge to go, I pee quite heavily. Otherwise, I can go for some time without a problem with uncontrolled urination. I prefer wearing diapers, so that I don't leak when I do go. I use a booster pad in them. I also wear PUL pants, but I...
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    "Changing the diaper at a time!"

    "Changing the diaper at a time!"
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    How to Wear Diapers in Public

    I've taken to wearing a pair of PUL diaper covers over my Abena L4's, with a large Tranquility Booster Pad inside. I have no trouble wearing in public, been doing it about 5 years. Now, with the PUL pants, I don't worry about leaking either. My general rule of thumb is, unless I directly mention...