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    Ever had to use duct tape to hold a daipers on?

    I have done it before when my tapes have worn out. It is rare for me, but when it does happen the tape goes around my entire body so I have to use the diaper because I know that I will not be able to put it back on if it comes off.
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    Would you rather lose interest in ABDL or have ABDL become accepted by the world?

    Answering the original question, I would rather have it be accepted by the world, though I know some people in my life that would never accept it.
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    Training pants

    Congrats to you! I have been curious about the Rearz training pants for a while. What do you think of the thickness and softness?
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    Self diapering

    When I put on a diaper I slide the new diaper under me while laying on my back. After it is in position I will remove my current undergarment and (after cleanup/powdering) will tape bottom left, bottom right, top right, top left. When I diaper up I am to the point where I know where to secure by...
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    Diaper or Public toilet?

    I like what others have said about it depending on how much longer I was going to be out. I refuse to mess if I am going to be around anyone or out in public for more than 15 minutes. Also because the diapers I typically wear are cloth backed I can retape them with ease. However, if they are wet...
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    Hi! Im not really a prince but still cool, hopefully.

    It's okay, I am not a prince either, but it is also nice to meet you. You say you like comics, what type do you like to read? And do you prefer Marvel or D.C.?
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    Trying to push my limits

    When I started off, I just wore without using. This let me feel the padding that I wanted until I was mentally ready to start using. If you do that I would recommend getting some cheaper diapers or ones that are cloth backed as they are able to easily refasten.
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    Turning down offers to socialise so you can wear nappies instead?

    I used to, but then I decided that my friends are more important than my diapers and started prioritizing people. This decision came after a couple months of depression and upon reflecting on what had changed in my life I realized that I had started isolating myself just to wear diapers.
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    Diaper thickness

    ok, the average diaper (Pampers) weighs 28 grams while the average 1 year old weighs 21 lbs (9.6 kg) so weight wise you are looking at a diaper that weighs basically 260 grams (259g) However, I prefer cloth diapers because of their bulk when I am at home.
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    Whats your favourite outfit you like wearing with your nappies?

    When I am diapered, I prefer just a t-shirt with childish prints. However, when it is cold I will also put on a nice pair of flannel pj bottoms
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    Diaper or toilet for pooping?

    I prefer to poop in the toilet just because I hate cleanup, but I will occasionally poo my pants because it can be fun as well.
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    Worst "premium" diaper you've tried?

    My personal worst has to be the pride diapers. I bought a sample because they looked babyish with the rainbow print, but the legs pinched too much, the tapes didn't hold very well, and it ended up leaking after 2 light wettings.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I put on an M4 earlier and am only slightly damp so it shall remain on.
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    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    My room has a few signs that I am AB, a Fluttershy plushie, baby powder, and a diaper pail for my used diapers, and a scentsy that is nursery scented, so the diapers use is obvious, but the AB, maybe.
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    We have a winner!

    It is interesting to see how the community views each diaper. How do you plan to improve upon it next year (if at all)?