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    Hello from France / qui parle Francais?

    I do not read nor speak French, but I do read GOOGLE TRANSLATE quite well, thank you! Welcome here, Nettle. Enjoy wearing more and more as you read and exchange with us.
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    Incontinence 1950's - How was it managed?

    source for this (mis)information ?
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    Hi, I'm New! :)

    BunnyFan, Each new or sustaining member here is unique, as are you! Also, please note that you are joining a good number of others with like and varied feelings. We welcome you !
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    New to this and I'm scared!

    Relax and enjoy. Cast aside guilt and shame. It's not needed here.
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    Road Trips & All-day Activities

    Yes ... Riding my Harley (the vibrations) on some longer road trips, tours.
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    cloth diaper folding

    We all have a different method to this, so the best folding techniques are the ones you'll discover on your own. Day and night can be different. Type of diaper cover will be a factor, how much you wet and when, how much you tolerate 'thick' if you wet heavily, etc. All in all, my 'best' way...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    the mystique of black waterproofing ! quite nice
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    Best plastic pants

    Leakmaster, Gary, Lange and Euroflex are current offerings in 'vinyls' (plastic pants). You can even find rubber or latex diaper covers if that is your choice. Mail order companies offer these.
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    Hello! I just joined this forum today....

    Did you eventually find your way over to DISCORD ?
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    Hello everyone

    Hi Marcy and welcome. You can check my profile where you'll find that I also diaper myself.
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    How old are you guys currently?

    Why did you wait so long to get into diapers ? :)
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    Feelings when using your diapers

    That's honest and direct. I like that.
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    Opinions on FetLife as a DL? Seems overwhelming

    not to worry; nothing important.
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    I like this one weird detail of diapers. What about you?

    I love to hear that crinkle if the diaper is well concealed.
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    What's your avatar and why?

    Biker (riding) boots. I ride a Harley.