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    If you won the lottery !

    1. A completely built-to-spec house 2. A few cars, nothing too fancy. Just an everyday driver, a SUV, a van, and a classic 3. Keep half of what's left and split the rest with my closest friends and family.
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    So sibling wise, where are you at in your family and are you AB, DL, or both?

    I am the oldest of the two of us (24, 22), and we both share this common interest, but I am a babyfur, whereas my younger brother is just AB/DL and not interested in furry.
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    MFM anyone?

    Kinda last minute, but I will be in attendance! However, I made no plans for this, so I have no $ saved up. I have enough to eat on though. As a last-minute thing, I was offered to go today.
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    We're Related!!

    Awesome! I've been finding that having another ABDL in your family is not as rare as I thought since I discovered my own brother last year! Shame your cousin is sick though.
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    AB/DLism in popular culture

    I had a buddy isolate and send me the clip from that! Cute song. With lyrics like that, it really makes you wonder about him. But Devo is kinda weird to begin with :p
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    mixing AB and locks

    I love using my vintage lock collection like this! My sleeper has a choker chain in the collar of it so that my brother was able to lock himself in when he owned it. When he gave it to me, he included the choker. I usually remove it, but I sometimes have fun by locking myself in the sleeper...
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    what if question

    I'd rather do neither because it would give us all a bad name in the end. However, I don't really want to be a buzzkill, so I will still answer the question at hand. I'd take the latter of the two. I have never messed in public, and I only do it occasionally at home (however good it may...
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    A Babyfur Social Network!

    That's what I've heard from a lot of people. I got mine a few hours after I completed the form, and clicked the button.
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    A Babyfur Social Network!

    Yeah, I'm not gonna post human photos on the site. I'll leave those for RUP. :P
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    A Babyfur Social Network!

    How do you like it? I signed up the first day, my member number is lucky number 7! I like it, and I think it will become popular and stay pretty active soon enough :) ! The design is similar to facebook, and the wall is public kinda like twitter. At least with this, there aren't any annoying...
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    A Babyfur Social Network!

    If you are into social networking and are a babyfur, there is a new social network just for babyfurs now. It has been up for a little over a week now, and currently (as of this posting) has 79 members! If you are interested, check it out at Babyfur.ME - Home Page
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    Some advice to offer...about asparagus

    Yeah, what they say about asparagus is not a myth, and a lot of people find out the hard way unfortunately. :(
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    Do you save your aluminum cans to recycle?

    Save them, do I ever! Growing up, my grandfather would often have me go through garbage cans after an auction and take cans out to throw in our aluminum pile at home. My grandfather still does it, while I only take the ones I can see from the top. We also ask our neighbors to save cans for...
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    New AB Print Diaper from BunteWindel partnering with ABU

    Well, I broke down (after a LOT of back-and-forth decisions), and preordered a 20pk! I got ~$200 from taking a load of scrap to the salvage yard with my grandfather. I also used the promo code from the radio show last week for 20% off! That's it, no more spending for me until AC in June!
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    New AB Print Diaper from BunteWindel partnering with ABU

    The ABU version doesn't have the wetness indicator (Which is good news), but I certainly hope they come down in price when they enter the regular product line. ~$3/per is outrageous!