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  • Just a quick tip, I think it'd look awesome centered at the top or bottom of the sig, and I'm pretty sure it will let you do that, even if the picture takes up more than one "line".
    Sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to control your signature or anything, just looks a little bit crowded at the moment.

    I'm glad you like it!
    I tried my best to go for the "licence plate" theme, glad it worked out. I tried to give the letters an embossed look, and just with a tiny bit of drop shadow, to look like letters on a licence plate too.
    You sure it's good though? Like I said, I certainly can do it over / change it, if you want.
    Okay, I've got one made, let me know what you think. I'm not afraid to do these over, so if you don't like it, speak up.
    Sorry it's so small, it's the absulute minimum to meet the requirements. 19.5 Kb isn't much! >_<

    I saw your post on the teddy bambinos are you talking about the adrian surely that runs the iheartdiapers blog?
    I know that I never posted in the forum about it but I have been keeping tabs on the situation with you and your brother and I just want to congratulate you on talking with your brother about a diaper fetish that you both surprisingly have in common. So congratulations.

    Your friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
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