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  • I just don't catch you posting much, considering we only have one RP in common.

    It was different beforehand. I figured, what the hey?

    The ego thing was only for the whole obtusely rich benefactor thing. Didn't mean any harm by it. I can be pretty mean-spirited, though. My apologies.

    Nice to see you on, by the way.
    It does? I might have to check it out then. Guess they gave up on WFAS that they went back to Warband.
    Now if only they could find some way of fitting multiplayer into those games. I mean, Warband has multiplayer battles, but it's not the same as if the main game mode had multiplayer. The biggest problem is that the battles and campaign run at different speeds and you can't pause it for everyone when a battle occurs.
    I'm just glad Minecraft doesn't count that. I'd be scared to look at it. It was nearly the only game I played in 2011.
    Oh, ok. One of my friends has like 900 hours of Dawn of War II in Steam at this stage. He's been playing it since release. It's like the most anyone in my steam list has played of any game. The next highest is someone with 500 of TF2. Makes me feel less bad about my 70 hours of dungeon defenders, anyway :p
    Oh ok. All I know about Warhammer is they sell board games of it, and they have a bunch of video games. Which of them do you like?
    What's that in your profile picture? The stuff in the front look wooden, and then something back a bit looks like a transformer.
    Just log into the game after it updates to recieve the goggles. Before July 5th, though.
    MtP is horrifyingly great and the bits of the Pyro's psyche it introduced were added to the game, in the form of special goggles. Woah.
    In that case never mind. I had a few other abilities planned, I can use those, I just thought that might be one of those things that was very useful in a small number of situations.
    Don't worry, I won't. (Also, I thought I would mention it to you because the ability that he is sort of 'starting with' is just being able to tell how close people are to death. IE, if you are going to die in half an hour, he can tell. The further away death is, the harder it is to tell, though, so it's rather imprecise. I bring that up because if you have any plot related 'deaths' of animals and/or NPC's, that might be important. Or, if you think that ability is either stupid, too difficult to manage, etc. I can get rid of it.)
    Oops, I will fix that, and yes in Ruined. Like, my aspect of magic is 'Death,' but I was wondering if you wanted any details beyond that.
    I was just wondering... should I tell you what my sort of 'power' is that I get first? That way, if anything plot-important comes up related to it, we can communicate beforehand.
    Also, is that a warhammer 40k profile pic?
    Meet The Pyro tomorrow! Excited to get the new weapons/hats too. Especially the Sniper ones.

    I don't know if you care, just needed to express joy.
    Did you come up with that story off the top of your head? It was definitely better than most of the stuff that I read on online forums. Absolutely perfect for a storybook.
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