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  • Yep, hence the new RP which is heavily based on it, but with a different setting and story, and slightly different powers.
    Oh. I'm obviously too tired to be posting that I missed that. >_< I'll delete and post some correct tomorrow.
    Just to let you know, I've changed ellie's age in pokemon from 11 to 12.
    Hey, is the brand in Aurora going to be a different colour for everyone?
    To make money and become the biggest crime bosses in the region. It's a small region, so it would be easy to control. If they control the Pokemon, and the power, then they can control the region. You know, like control towns and businesses and things like that.
    Sorry about that. I was just going to kinda drop the conversation after Sophie said something, but I guess it would make more sense for Alex to say something, so i posted.
    Hey, I added you on Steam after we played earlier, hope you don't mind. Just decline it if you do.
    Heck, we could have a three man party, or something.

    Also, you don't start out as Apprentice, as far as I know. Thats just the characters the tutorial gives you. It's recommended by the character creation screen as well, but that's just a suggestion. You can choose any of the classes.

    I would like to take a moment and selfishly extend a request for you to try out the Squire class.
    Not right now. How about tomorrow, after I'm off work? Unless you're busy.

    (Last week of work, too! :D finally over with.)
    Ohhh, I see how it is. Playing DD with Natsu but not me.

    Actually, wait, I completely understand that.
    I was going to follow that with a positive quote about death from google but that seemed a little cheesy and too much my style which this situation doesn't call for so I'll just be quiet.
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