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  • Yeah, my first guess was that the spike coincided with one of the adult baby appearances on a talk show (e.g. Jerry Springer), a documentary, or a TV show like CSI.

    I had a bit of a search on IMDB for anything relating to Adult Babies but I'm coming up blank when it comes to shows that aired around that date.

    There have been a bunch of threads on here about ABDL appearances in popular culture, but it would be interesting to try and collate these at some point to form a chronology.
    Interesting huh?

    I suspect that while the term ABDL may be becoming more known on the internet than it used to be, the fall in searches for Adult Baby and the increase in searches for ABDL is mostly down to existing AB/DLs choosing to search using the shorter term (and consequently more AB/DL 'content' providers are using the term ABDL).

    I think this makes sense, since it's an easier term to search on, and is less likely to return false positive search results due to being a discrete string, rather than multiple words.

    Also, looking at the related search terms for 'ABDL' and 'Adult Baby', it looks like they're most frequently searched for in conjunction with the word diaper. I ran another chart on the terms 'ABDL Diaper' and 'Adult Baby Diaper' and it shows the swap in popularity even more clearly.
    Heya... I was doing some searching for ABDL related search terms on Google Trends today, then noticed you had started a post about the same thing on here a couple of months back (now locked).

    I see you were comparing the search frequency over time for the terms 'Adult Baby' and 'AB/DL' and noted the search frequency for adult baby is declining.

    I thought I'd just point out, since I found it interesting: if you replace the search key 'AB/DL' with just 'ABDL', you can see that 'ABDL' as a search term is actually trending upwards, and is close to converging with 'Adult Baby'.

    My best guess would be that as more people become familiar with the abbreviation, that it is slowly becoming more popular on the internet than the term 'Adult Baby'.

    ~ Puppyluvs
    Well if that works out I might have things I get ordered shipped to your place. :p We'll see how things work out. Don't wanna get my hopes up! Lol. Well let me know how things go for you. Keep me informed!
    Oooh. Well best of luck! I Hope things work out for you. I'm sure if you have your own place (or semi-own place) it'll make it a lot easier for us to.. hang out ;)
    Hm, but 21 hours just seems like a lot of work, regardless of how difficult or not the classes are. Hopefully things work out and we'll be able to hang out next semester. Are you getting an apartment or moving back into the dorms?
    I got a 3.0. Which wasn't bad, I guess, but I was really hoping for a 3.2 or so- would give me a 3.0 cum and then I'd have a better chance of getting an internship. But I couldn't get the A's I needed.
    Ya gotta let me know in advance so I can plan to be off of work :p I'd definitely love to hang out again- actually, I was quite disappointed we didn't get to at least hang out a few times before the end of the semester. Kind of a bummer, but I know we were both busy.
    Busy! Haha I'm hard ever even online anymore. I have two jobs and working hard at both of them. How are you? How's your summer been so far?
    Hehe yes, I don't even use any other word then mate now. It just feels much more natural since she is a furry and I am a cubfur XD (She hasn't worn yet so she doesn't want to call herself anything that says she has)
    Hello Alpha, I just meet your girl friend and contacted her. I was wondering if we could get to know each other. (Me, you, my Gf and your gf)
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