Creative, funny, inteligent boy who is very loving and kind.

Gaming, roleplaying, drawing
Florida, USA
  1. Adult Baby
  2. Babyfur
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  1. Gay
Favourite diaper
Cushies Waddlers
Personal Space
Hi! Im Alex! Im 5'2" tall, 140lbs, with brown curly hair, blue/green eyes, and a twink body.
I am very creative, imaginative, and funny. I like to use computers, surf the web, and play video games. I like the outdoors, swimming, and hiking, though havent done it that much. I am an Adult Baby and looking for a mommy/daddy. I am also a furry and a femboy to some degree but these are somewhat separate from my AB side.
My AB side is around 1-2 years old and still has the bladder of an infant. He knows how to talks a bit but sometimes babytalks out of playfulness. He is also looking for a mommy/daddy in real life and doesnt like online mommies or daddies. Also searching for a big brother to maybe be in a relationship with as well.
My real life side im 18 years old, and live in the Florida pan-handle in Miramar Beach. Im currently a busser at Captin Daves on the Golf, a seafood restaurant right on the gulf coast. I also currently live with my parents and siblibgs so my AB side is mostly kept secret at home.
I hope you like my little bio and if you wanna chat, send me a message!