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  • It's not a matter of my mother losing money, just her health insurance. Technically speaking, yes, if I made enough to move out, that shouldn't affect her health benefits, but like I said, with me not driving, it's not really practical unless I lived really close to my place of work and could walk.
    hey o/ Sorry for the answering time, i wasn't able to see the conversation. Yeah , I never known the chat-box but I kinda miss it to in fact, I would be a great idea to add it again ;) . The forum is pretty fine for now, not a of contact but it will come with time =)
    Well, I just don't really want to work full-time, but also I don't want to make too much money because then I worry my mother will get kicked off Medicaid and won't be able to get her medication. (Medicaid is free health insurance for low-income people here in the States.) I'd be content to work like 12-16 hours a week and maybe give a little to my parents for basically room and board, but even that many hours seems impossible to find. The last job I had before I was fired gave me a measly six hours a week.
    I can't even find and keep a part-time minimum-wage job (which where I live in the States is $7.25 an hour), so getting something that pays enough to move out is just about impossible. Plus the fact that I don't drive and rely on my mother to take me places doesn't make it practical anyway.
    Nope, still at home, probably always will be... I did have an awkward moment where I had to tell my mother that what I did online was none of her business; she seemed to get the hint and doesn't question me about it anymore.

    Fantasy is probably my favorite genre. It's hard to pick a favorite Harry Potter book after only reading each one once, but after seeing it several times my favorite movie would probably be Prisoner of Azkaban.
    Well the forum's the same as it's always been; myself, could be better, could be worse. Unemployment and a dysfunctional family doesn't make the best situation to be in; I'm not thriving, but I'm surviving at least. I keep my diapers stocked, and swim and play water volleyball at the YMCA, and still do volunteer work. I did read all the Harry Potter books and saw all the movies for the first time last year (I see in your profile you like Harry Potter).
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