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Personal Space
So I've changed a lot. Thanks for the person who offered empathy towards the depression that I used to have.
In short
Had depression for 4 years
Cured of depression
Life is now amazing. I'm glad I had depression due to the changes in life I made because of it.

I now work with people who suffer from violence, (usually perpetrators) homelessness or drug abuses. Sometimes all three. I love this work and it's great to see the changes that people make in their life with your help.
I live on a large property with my brother's family and my parents. Lots of bush/forest and family within 5 minutes walk at all times. It's a hard life. :)

I've always been drawn towards caring for others which means that I'm often not cared for in the way I want. Hence, my little side. In general I'm 5-10 years old but love my nappies, dummy and bottle. I also like the idea to be forced to do things (without violence). Such as wetting my pants and being made to wear nappies.
80% of it is the desire to be cuddled, held and protected.

I also like the idea of caring for someone else. Male or female.

But mostly it's just playing games, drawing, watching movies, playing Lego while wearing my nappy. (If only family didn't live so close)

old profile
So, currently unemployed due to severe depression. Made me smile reading my old profile as that is what I aim to be like again.
I generally go above and beyond to help other people. This has lead me to being a volunteer firefighter, coaching lots, and assisting with a charity that helps children at risk.
I've also recently figured out that I'm asexual. I'm hoping to one day find a partner, girl or guy, who understands me and who I enjoy spending my time with. We'll see how that goes.

Oldest profile (Well I'm a very happy guy who, even though lots of bad things have happened throughout my life, finds that it is only getting better as I get older. (Except that sharp drop when I realised I wasn't as much of a kid any more :( )


What's the point of growing up if you can't be childish?