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    My fiancee is giving me 5 days of 24/7! Tips?

    Ok, so here's some background. My fiancee has gotten a lot more comfortable with my diaper use over the last few years. I've worn the quite a bit over that time but because we've been a long-distance couple nearly the entire time my diaper use around her is limited. Mainly because me wearing...
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    What diapers still have three tapes?

    Hey all, so my better half wants to buy me some diapers for Christmas. Which I'm super happy about and giving her suggestions, because I know she doesn't want to be left out in the cold for this. In conjunction with a thread I made earlier about lightweight diapers, I need some info. Are...
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    What's your favorite lightweight diaper?

    While all the diapers I've ever worn are special in their own way, at any given time my stockpile has two "types" of diaper in it. The first is a type of diaper we've talked about on this site at length. A diaper that's bulky and is super absorbent to soak up a lot of wettings and be worn for...
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    I need ideas for diaper play with a partner.

    So if anyone's followed my post history closely, you'll know that an ever-evolving part of my life is my fiancee's involvement in diaper play with me. For anyone who could use a refresher, here's a brief history. When I first told her about ABDL she was a bit freaked out but still loved me...
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    I've also come to a conclusion

    I don't like the movie The Godfather. Yes, everything about it is technical perfection, the writing is excellent, the cinematography and screenwriting show that you can do a ton with the film medium that you can't with a book, and the acting is superb. But if I watch it right now, would I...
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    Before this thread, this forum has 999 threads.

    This is #1,000. You can now go back to what you were doing.
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    Anyone here know Python?

    I need someone I can ask likely idiotic questions to.
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    What's a good diaper to take on and off?

    I've been wondering about this and I'd like to know if anyone has any input. When I wear diapers, I like to wear diapers that are larger, thicker, and plastic backed. I also don't particularly like briefs, but do sometimes wear them. However, I don't always go in a diaper when I'm wearing it...
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    My fiancee wants to lose weight, how can I be supportive?

    So for a long time, my fiancee has had a weight issue. As long as I've known her and some time before as well (for reference, we're both 28 and I've known her since we were 18). This has always given her self-esteem issues and she's always wanted to do something about it but has never gotten...
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    Open Science Thread!

    I thought it'd be fun to have an ongoing thread to talk about current events in science- things that are interesting but not really big enough to warrant their own threads. To start off... There's an outbreak of chikungunya in the Caribbean! This is huge because chikungunya virus (CHIKV) has...
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    What's your optimal night in?

    For me, it's a movie night. A bowl of popcorn, a cold six pack, a nice diaper, and a game of Civ IV. Tonight it's G. I. Joe & Robin Hood. What about everyone else?
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    I ordered diapers and I'm worried my parents will see the delivery. Help!

    So as some of you know, I just moved into a new apartment in New Orleans. I moved in last Friday and on Wednesday, ordered a bunch of things I need on Amazon. The timing was so that they'd start to show up on Wednesday. One of these things is a case of Depends (ie, a box with four packs in...
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    Any opinions about the Abena X-Plus regular versus premium?

    I'm looking to buy some Abena Abri-Form X-Plus diapers today and I'm considering options. I see that there's a regular diaper as well as a premium one which is cloth-backed and more breathable. Does anyone have a experience with how the two compare?
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    Oh look, it's that thread again. Any tips for how my fiancee can be more involved?

    So, my fiancee has known about diapers basically as long as we've been dating. We started dating in 2004, and I told her six months in. She had some issues adjusting to the thought of me wearing diapers, but once she'd gotten some exposure to me wearing a diaper she came around really quickly...
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    What the hell color is this website?

    I got a new laptop a few days ago and I'm still getting used to it. One thing I noticed while I had it side-by-side with the old one is that on the new one, my whites are waaaaaay whiter and brighter. Like I-could-make-an-ad-for-laundary-detergent whiter. Just now, I signed on to ADISC using...