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  • Lol you should... Okanagan is awesome. Really? *avoids there then* hehe jk.
    Yep, I had fun other than some days with rain though. I have no idea... I am not into music that much since I am deaf. =( Sorry!
    Happy 19th birthday! Did you do anything fun for your birthday? I am just focusing on my job searching right now... nothing happening though but hopefully soon!
    Btw, nice profile pic! =)
    Hi! =) Aw... poor ya! No snow here for months now! Yay! I was in Victoria for a vacation a month ago, and the flowers are already blooming there! How are you doing so far?
    Thanks! Yep pretty much well though this site! Yes I really enjoy it on here and will definitely stick around for a long time. hehe
    Yeahhhh I know! And I would also love to use it to draw. :D But I'd probably do more photo editing too.
    Lol yeah I mostly color lineart because I can't do anything else really awesome. XD I want a tablet. But sure you can add me!:D I'll watch you back too. ^^
    Oh yeah. :D It's FuzzyxPanda if you wanna go see. ^^ I also have a fA but I don't upload anything to there. XD Oh yes, I'm a fancy kind of person.
    Why thankee. A friend of mine from both deviantArt and Fur Affinity drew and colored her for me. :D Then just for this site I cropped it and scaled it down and added my name. :D Cuz I'm just that awesome.
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