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    Bedwetting prescription

    Everyone else has covered why this isn't a good idea medically, so I'll add in another angle: this could be a case of fraud. If it was ever found out that you were receiving medical assistance for diapers that you didn't actually need, you could be on the hook for insurance fraud. I don't...
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    Getting Married?

    Well, first of all, if you are getting married soon, congratulations! I got married within the last year, and it's a lot of work to organize a wedding, but it can end up being fun at times. As others have said in this thread, it's really up to what you and your partner want to do. My wife and...
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    Names, tags, numbers and such.

    Mine was for the deep, highly personal reason that it's completely different than any name I've ever used anywhere else :p
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    Looking for something new

    Others have answered this question well for online options. If you're limited to store buying, I'm assuming you're looking for a more diaper-like option, since Goodnites are about as good as you'll do for pull-up/cute diapers. Depends are available everywhere, and if you get the Fitted...
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    Fulfil Fantacy

    Hey, welcome to ADISC. It's great to have you here! First off, it's awesome that you've accommodated your husband's desires. That's a sign of a really awesome partner! As to your present situation, we could probably suggest hundreds of fun diaper activities. But the best thing you can do, as...
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    did anyone else not choose to regress?

    In general, my childhood was really good. I was bullied, but it did stop and I recovered, and I was never abused. My regression does reach out to something I never had, though. I become a little girl when I regress, which seems to be a way to reach out to the feminine side of myself. Though not...
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    Article: Suicide Prevention Help Lines

    I saw that article - it's an awesome compilation of resources! It's one I'm keeping close by for when people are contemplating suicide. This is a really important way to provide support to people.
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    what should I wear as a CD

    All fantastic ideas so far. I'll also mention panties as a great crossdressing option. They're cheap, easy to hide, you can wear them lots of places, and there's a pair for any style you like! I find them much comfier than men's underwear, too. And you can get them basically anywhere. If you're...
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    Gender Stereotypes

    I do agree that the gender stereotypes are getting tired. That said, I would be really heartbroken if anything happened to the girls' Goodnites and we were all stuck with the yucky blue ones...anyway, maybe the solution would be to continue making both, but not market them as boy/girl specific...
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    Abdl/sissy clothing on a budget

    When I was starting out, I went the thrift store route. At Goodwill or Salvation Army, they've got racks of old dresses, some of which are quite childish in appearance, but in adult sizes. And you can't beat the prices either! One of my very favourite LG dresses was a thrift store find. And...
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    How do You React to Hate?

    I've never actually responded to any ABDL hate, in real life or on the Internet. I think I'd respond the way I usually do with negative people - try and talk it out, see why they feel the way they do, and try and show them why we're actually OK. If they got really belligerent, I'd probably...
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    Hello Kitty Pullups

    Well, these definitely win all the awards for adorableness, and it's cool to see an AB-friendly pull-up out there. But from those pictures, they don't look like very high quality diapers. They look like the pull-up Depends in pink, and believe me, those aren't very effective at their job! I...
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    How to Pronounce ADISC?

    In Canada, we pronounce it "Eh-disc".
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    Hillbilly Punk bands and Diapers!

    OK, guys, which one of you went and joined a hillbilly punk band without telling the rest of us?:detective3
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    I'm not 100% sure what i am???

    Hey, you're basically describing me here. So you're just as sane as I am...if that's any comfort :p Seriously, though, I get what you're describing. I'm a man, with plenty of masculine interests...I'm trying to get this post in before tonight's NFL Draft, for example. But I also love wearing...