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  • I just realized that chances are good you don't know my name. I was called accepted here on ADISC before recently changing my name to giantguy99 for your information.
    Adventurer. I really need your advice. I tried sending you a PM here but unfortunately your mail box is full. So I instead copy and pasted the PM onto Skype and posted it there as a IM. the message will be at the bottom. Please help me because you're the only person I think who can help me with this.
    Glad you loved that thread! I hope I never implied that I was just looking for trans people. I was actually hoping for a lot more stories from cis people with them questioning in their gender at times. Love finally hearing your story! ALSO MISSED YOU HI <3
    all of you look like you could use a random hug just because that's what true friends like me do. :hug: btw this is for frogsy gigglemuffinz as well for you adventurer. Please feel free to talk to me because I am not the same person I used to be a month ago. Just look at the post I made on Adventurer's new blog and you will all understand. :smile:
    Did you mean to send that to me? Haha, you already gave me an awesome birthday and lovely presents I might add! <3
    Sorry I missed your birthday a while back, I was gonna be apart of a thing Frogsy planned, but I was busy.

    So, I'm sorry and happy late birthday ^^;
    happy new year, and make sure your vaccines are up to date - insectus giganticus can strike at any time ;-)
    hello! :) may I chat with you? I was just thinking we could learn a lot from each other at such a critical time. you see I am trying to get used to being myself which I have never tried to do before and now I am about to hit my first roadblock. you see I have a friend who is a brony and he does not know I am a AB, DL or anything like that. he wants to "bronyize" me and well in all honesty I am more comfrotable with being a brony then I am telling him what AB/DLism is about. I am going to see him in Denver Colorado in March and if he tries to get me to watch a show with him I will not enjoy it because I can't be myself while watching the show actually. I do not think he is ready to hear that I am a AB/DL and I am actually afraid to lose him as a friend. now I intuitively know better then to be afraid of what other's think of me but fear does not have to be rational nor intuitive either, I was hoping you could tell me how I could get over this issue.
    Are we having a crossover of visitor messages?? o_O
    I was just reading it, when you rang...thanks for the heads-up!
    I'm glad you liked the poster. I often wonder how many people read things and enjoy them. Unlike FB, you can't give a thumbs up.
    Thanks Adventurer! Your message was the first I saw of anything about awards and I thought you meant something about a rep point, lol. What a nice way to start the morning!
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