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    Favorite plushies?

    My favorite plushie at the moment is a small white bear. He wears a cape, and he had a little black mask too. I named him JK, which is Joe Kelly's nickname/initials. <3 I've been sleeping with him a lot and carrying him around every where. ^w^ Since Kelly is my hero, it seemed really fitting for...
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    I made an ABDL quiz. Tell me if it could use and changes

    I'm a non-sexual toddler. :3 I really like that!
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    Whats your favourit sweeties

    I love all kinds of sweets tbh. I've actually been really getting into the Kinderjoy sweets because you get a toy surprise with them you have to build. :3
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    Stealing diapers...

    I don't have a license either. Hell, I still live with my parents. I'm not underage just because of these things. There are a lot of people out there who are like this as well. It's not right to judge someone unless you have definite proof. I still live with my parents because I'm disabled, and...
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    Do you read books?

    I finally found the book I've been wanting to read! It's called Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. I lost it a while back, but it was found during some cleaning in the living room to rearrange things and all that!
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    LGBT littles?

    I'm an asexual biromantic biological female little. :3, that's a mouthful.
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    Kids films/animations

    PONYO!!! I also love Space Jam as well. Space Jam is one of the few movies that can make me feel little. Mostly, because it is an important and treasured part of my childhood. I also really like The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Paris (after all, that's how my nickname 'Kimi' was born. :3) and the...
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    Discreet diapers?

    I have a question (it's for my character, not me btw)... does anyone know of any diapers that are at least somewhat discreet? They don't have to be ABDL diapers either. I'm looking for something with average absorbency... maybe something that can hold small to medium at most. I'm really bad at...
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    autism and other disabilities and ageplay

    This is exactly how I feel!
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    Example's of Medical Needs to wear diapers when volunteering at my zoo?

    I wouldn't even mention it. It's not really their business what you do with your life or how you live it.
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    Example's of Medical Needs to wear diapers when volunteering at my zoo?

    I don't think they have the right to launch an investigation. They might just ask for medical documentation from a doctor stating you are truly incontinent (not saying you aren't btw). If you can get proof from a doctor or something, they can't do anything to stop you from needing diapers...
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    Your favourite AB/little items

    Hm. I'm not really sure. Probably some of my stuffies (My Litten, squishy panda etc), my fluffy blankey, my two pacifiers, my two Paw Patrol sippy cups with Skye and Everest... I don't know what else.
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    autism and other disabilities and ageplay

    I do have to disagree. I think many people with disabilities have a childish/childlike personality. We tend to feel very connected to baby/little things, especially diapers because of the way the feel. It may not be a scientific thing, but we also don't know enough about anyone outside of this...
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    What makes you happy/unhappy?

    A lot of things make me unhappy, but the one thing that makes me truly happy is Matthew Gray Gubler. <3 He's such an amazing person, and he is so loyal to his fans as well. He's quirky and eccentric like me, and I can really relate to him. I don't know what I'd do without him. ;w;
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    Should I tell nurses I like to wear diapers?

    You could always just tell them that diapers help you cope with whatever you're dealing with (the reason for going in the first place). The worst they could do is either allow them or not allow them. I think if they know it's an emotional thing, they may allow it. It really depends on how strict...