Sweet, funny, hyperactive, autistic, a bit clumsy... just get to know me, and you'll find out! :3

Disney Junior, Matthew Gray Gubler, writing, Pokemon, cats and more! (just ask me. :3 I don't bite!)
with MGG (in my dreams, at least!)
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Favourite diaper
I'm not much of a diaper person tbh. ^^
Personal Space
My name is Kimi, and I am mildly autistic, though it depends on mood. I love to write and also play Pokemon. I am 29, but I often feel more like a four or five year old. I never act my age, and you can often see it when I'm on Skype or in Discord. I also have very severe anxiety, ADHD and possible Dyspraxia. I am unable to hold down a job for various reasons. I am also a fangirl, especially when it comes to Matthew Gray Gubler! He is my bae and hero~ Joe Kelly from the Red Sox is also my bea/hero as well. *_____*

I'm also single, but I am NOT interested in a relationship. I am already mentally dating Matthew Gray Gubler. <3

I forgot to mention that I was born and raised in Maine. I moved to Arizona in my early teens. I really miss being in Maine though. :c

Some of my favorite little things are:

- Snuggling with my snuggle pillow
- Talking to my imaginary best friends
- Watching Disney Junior (and other cartoons)
- Sleeping with a light on
- Eating little foods
- Dressing in cartoon themed clothing
- Talking to her stuffies, snuggle pillow & snuggle blankey
- Carrying around her snuggle pillow

And a whole lot more I can't think of...


"Back in the days, when I was young... I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again." - Isabelle by Pierce the Veil​