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  • I'm usually chatting with someone on discord every night so if you ever want to chat hit me up. Even if my dot says I'm not. Like now. ;)
    You're welcome! I see you active here and on discord. A nube involved with both aspects deserves a nod, I think.
    Ah I see. Hope you can crack that one soon. I need to catch up with the story so I'll be able to say whether or not I thought he was more autistic or just disabled.
    Does Lulu ever convince Seph to wear an adult nappy? Spoilers lol, maybe they visit a local nursery for AB's?
    Oh, man. Writers block sucks. What use to help me is approaching it with a different mindset, go do something else and come back to it later on. You could try that if it helps.
    It's ok ^.^ and I'm also doing well, thankies. Having a chill Sunday, looking at Paw Patrol plushies still lol definitely gonna order some on Tuesday. How about you?
    Hiya! *waves paw* I'm just doodling some fanart for someone and looking at reffs an such.

    Oh and I tried to read your story you linked but it's gone now :( could you send it to me again please?

    How's you today?
    I hear ya, the anxiety is pretty bad, especially when talking to new folk. People on here have been great though, very supportive. A lot of people have suggested getting a plushie can help with anxiety so I'm gonna get some Paw Patrol stuffies. I love Skye and Everest too!

    Gotta jet off soon but when I get round to it, I'd love to check out some stuff you've written. I use to write a lot myself and I'm thinking of getting back into it. Thanks for accepting the friend add ^.^
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