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  • Hey, I just saw that you were from Spokane and are a fellow Vet. Hope you have a great weekend.
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    Hey there! Just a shout out. I saw you live in spokane, and that's my dream home.

    Oh, and thanks for your survice man... I've got a ton of millitary friends and family, I know the shyt is tough.
    On the wizards RP I just posted that Ashley and jack bumped into xaren if your still wanting to do the RP
    it seems we have alot in common, hi im bryan. we should chat. im working on getting into the usmc but have douts they will take me.
    LOL! I wanna hear more about this drinking game. Every witch I've asked (except one but she's only got Silver's older works.) has been like "OMG SILVER SUUUCKS." and I've actually been explained to and read articles on why.
    Silver Ravenwolf isn't my favorite author. In fact she has such a habit of saying ridiculous things that a few friends of mine made her books into a drinking game. Now, thats not to say that her books aren't worth reading. It's just that she has a bad habit of blowing things out of proportion and using the most most ridiculous metaphors.
    I haven't had time to read more into my books lately but as soon as a question pops up I'll probably be asking you lol. :D How do you feel about Silver Ravenwolf?
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