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  • I use my laptop every night as I blog to adisc in bed. I used to the the keyboardist for The Steve Freeman Band, but I retired a couple of years ago. By the time I moved all my equipment, my back was killing me. I also got tired of giving up all those Saturday nights. It did pay well, and I miss the money. Mostly I miss playing with the guys. We were very good. I think our demo is still on line.
    Haha...yes, laptops. Mine seem to work well, but I've had some that didn't. The Galax convention has always sounded cool. I sometimes listen to Music from the Blueridge on Public Radio which follows A Prairie Home Companion on Sunday afternoons. Our bass player in the church Praise Band which I play and sing in is a good ol' boy country and blue grass player. We've had a number of groups play in our church. It's always interesting to hear the real thing. This area is the real deal.
    Yes it is! But I don't speak or write French. It's a quote from a book I purchased ... "ManChild: A Study of the Infantilization of Man" ... without getting it off my shelf, I believe it was written in 1973. Took me a long time to read it ... because I was trying to wrap myself around each concept.
    I feel ya. Richmond gets the wrost of it, I believe. It's the mountains! Everything goes North or South of us ;-)
    Good luck on the job. Often getting the job is all about timing. I've usually done well, but the last time I was going through that, I was one applicant late consistently. Chesterfield County and Midlothian; it's a small world. I'm always up for bike riding, though right now it is so very cold! But you know Virginia, cold one day and warm the next.
    I've been through BV a number of times, when we were driving to Ohio and Canada. Lynchburg and Amherst have their pluses and minuses, but scenery is definitely a plus. If ever you're passing through, we could bike on the trail and you'd get a chance to see it. My son lives in Chesterfield county and loves to fish on the James. It's a small world. You don't need to answer this. I just wanted to share. Take care.
    Hi. Yes, Amherst is beautiful country. I'm the music director at a Methodist Church in Madison Heights, so I'm in Amherst County 4 days a week. You can always see the mountains which certainly is beautiful. When I ride the Lynchburg bike trail with my son, we always cross the James River via Percival's Island and ride into Amherst County. It's a good workout as it's 15 miles.
    (It's a 3D photo, you need the red and cyan glasses to see it properly). You can get the glasses for a buck from any novelty store.
    Me too, brother. I'm the one who ran up on the median while freaking out and swatting a bee when I first got my license. (It didn't help to have two parent's yelling at me). ;-)

    I was just happy that this was the first really cool macro photo I ever took. ;-) I already changed my avatar because you didn't like my diaper photo on the avatar place, I'll change this one too... change is good, ;-)

    Be well, Jaret. :)
    Your porfile pic scares me... I don't like bees. :(
    Hi Diapered Rabbit, I'm flattered. You made my evening! Thanks for the smile! Luvs and Huggies (and Pampers) hehe.

    I no longer have a 35mm camera close-by, but I have 3 digital cameras.

    Not sure what type of flower it is, but the bee was sharing the flower with a moth, also pictured on my flickr account Flickr: Gamma Man's Photostream . Macro is my favorite type of photography ... are you into photography yourself? Sorry for the delay in response, today was uber busy at work (five hours on one spreadsheet, the last thing I wanted was to look at a computer when I got home, lmdo).

    I can post some of the better ones to a gallery, that sounds like fun. :)

    PS, I attempted developing in high school, using my father's 35mm Canon EOS ... but the teacher who taught the class was fired and the course was cancelled.

    Be well! :)
    That's an awesome macro photo of the bee and the flower (clover?) on this (your user) page. Now I get your User Name, ISO400. Are you mostly a film photographer or do you also use digital? Do you do your own developing/printing? I'd love to see more of your work. Maybe you could post them in a gallery? - DR
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