43 year old big baby, sometimes I can be a big boy and I am finding that this is a part of me that I have to love and accept after a good break.
Have wanted to wear diapers since I was little, its more than just a kink or coping mechanism for me. I sleep quality is night and day if I wear diapers, and love the little boy in me. I am a fully functioning adult too, well for the most part.
Near Las Vegas
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Retired, worked as an audio engineer and stagehand/roadie.
Favourite diaper
Tykables, I like the Lil Rawrs, Puppers, and the Camelot's the best.
Personal Space
Gee I took awhile to figure out how to edit this space, I am back from a long break. I am in a much better headspace than I was 5 years ago, or even just a month ago. I am happy for second chances.