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    Hi ABtimmy Daddy

    I am a daddy to baby boys I do role paly quite welland can take u back to where u belong in diapers and being a baby i am on msn [Mod note: removed msn address, please don't post your contact info in public, as we are NOT a dating site!] come and see what i can do for you. I am for real and not...
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    Would you/have you ever told a therapist or other professional about your ABism?

    I doubt it very much seeing how we are viewed in society they would label us nuts or peds, or whatever . Just define normal no one can I am normal
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    Hello I am ABtimmy I am new here

    I have been a tb/dl/now an ab I have loved diapers since I was 8 years old I am sory I have not introduced myself sooner been busy at work I am not a lurker thanks ABtimmy