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  • Are you a ghost to many people? You sure don't seem to talk to others frequently or hardly ever. No offense, I promise.
    Bonjour à nouveau. Désolé de disparaître pendant 3 ans, mais je devrais être de retour pour de bon cette fois.
    Hey, no biggie:) I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to the furry fandom so you definitely deserve it more than me. Besides, I made the mistake of agreeing to appear in fursuit (with friends) on TruTV's Hardcore Pawn. The episode is supposed to air soon and I hope I don't dishonor the fandom due to my stupidity. If the episode goes well, I'll be able to sleep at night. If not, I don't know how I would be able to live with myself....
    Killing a few good brain cells for personal gratification on a new purchase.
    That said, I bought a mouse pad with a gel wrist support. Had a smell that rubbed onto my wrist and was very potent and unpleasant. It was hard to wash off and put myself off from eating food.
    I'm confused, is your avatar pinching his nose to go swimming? or scratching it in an inquisitive manner? :p
    Congrats on winning "Furry Guru" for this years ADISC awards! It was a fun race and I think you deserve a big round of applause :claps::claps::claps::claps::claps::claps::claps:
    Well, it fits, I suppose. :-P Near is probably my favourite character in Death Note, personally. Ryuzaki next.
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