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    Scents & Memories

    Yep, scent has huge ties to nostalgia, in fact, certain scents really do bring me back to a simpler time. For me, the smell of baby powder really triggers regression, just the slightest whiff of baby powder scent makes me want to diaper up and reminds me of carefree days, it even gives me...
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    First treatment

    Hang in there both of you 🤗 Cancer is tough, but it can be beat. I have multiple family members who conquered it, one on two occasions and they are still with us. So to you, MommyScarlet, stay strong and take things as they come. I'm sorry to hear about YbboB as well. The minute I read he...
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    My roommate found my pacifier

    Being friends with someone who use to attend raves, pacifiers were typically used at them to prevent the involuntary teeth grinding, chattering and tongue and cheek biting brought on by ecstasy and MDMA. While those drugs enhance the rave experience, the mouth activity they cause, especially...
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    Baby Bag

    I think using a standard backpack or a plain looking handbag as a baby/diaper bag, especially if you wear when out and about with your Nanny 😄 Oddly enough, while I never took to wearing out and about too frequently, 2 of the 3 Mommies I've had; my previous Mommy friend and my current Mommy/GF...
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    Do You Have A Local Ageplay Community?

    There's a small local scene in my neck of the woods, yes :) They have munches and after-hours get togethers every month or so. It's a fair sized community with nice diversity. I've met other ABs, Littles, people who are into DDLG, Couples who are already AB and Mommy/Daddy, a few caregiver...
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    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    Honestly, aside from a small occurrence a few weeks ago, where some friends entered my apartment and smelled baby powder, commenting, "why does your room smell like a nursery", I'd say my apartment is pretty devoid of clues 😅 I keep my baby clothes, diapers, baby toys and such in a bin or on a...
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    How do you spend weekends?

    Like you, my weekends tend to be ideal for baby time 😄 Being in Uni and working contract gigs on the side, I don't always have a lot of time to unwind, sometimes even my weekends can be taken over, but for the most part, my weekends are free for me to diaper up and regress. There's nothing...
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    Is Metal Music misunderstood?

    I think it depends on the person :unsure: In all honesty, I haven't come into contact with anyone who was dismissive of heavy metal, writing it off as people yelling/screaming or the devil's music 😅 Granted, I hang out with a lot of metal-heads, but I have friends who listen to just about...
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    Bottles A Day?

    Bottles are amazing when regressed 😄 There's just something about a nice warm baba full of milk that really hits the spot. I also find the act of nursing from a baba to be very soothing ☺ I usually have about 3 bottles a day when in baby-mode; one in the morning, one after a nap and one before...
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    What age did you start wearing diapers again

    I began wearing again off and on at 16, first with store-bought then with higher quality medical brands at a local supply store. When I moved out of my parents house at 19, I started buying and wearing AB diapers regularly and have been doing so for the last 8 years :) As far as when these...
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    Wearing diapers is calming me down. Normal?

    Yeah, I'd say it's completely normal. For you, like many other AB/DLs, diapers have become a stress relief and coping mechanism. Think of it this way, some people turn to alcohol, some people turn to their hobbies, some people turn to their diapers ☺ There are many AB/DLs on this very site...
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    Gassy when wearing diapers?

    The only time I get gassy when I'm wearing a diaper is after a warm bottle of milk 😅 As others have said, diet, the types of food you are eating and stress are all more likely to cause you gas than wearing a diaper ;) I haven't heard of a diaper yet that makes the wearer gassy :LOL:
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    Pacifier Drooling

    I have to concur with others here. While I'm not crazy about drool, I do appreciate the realism and yes, sleeping with my pacifier in my mouth has lead to a few itty-bitty drool puddles and a moist chin from time to time ☺ That being said, I've grown mighty use to having a paci in my mouth for...
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    Beard or no beard?

    I never like having a beard when I regress. It just feels so unnatural to me when I am in that mode and my Mommy agrees. I frequently shave my beard and my nether regions when I regress, keeps me feeling fresh and little :) To each their own though. I have seen many an AB who proudly sported a...
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    Update on mommy situation

    Glad I could be of some help. Whatever you decide, I hope things turn out alright. As far as the stash goes, if it's locked, I don't think you have to worry about her stumbling upon it 😅