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    You get an unlimited amount of any one diaper for free. What do you get and why?

    ABU SDKs because I love 2-tape brands, they look like classic baby diapers, they fit me the nicest out of all their 2-tape brands, they're soft and comfy and ABU can never seem to keep them in stock for very long :LOL:
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    Being a brat

    Oh, that's quite alright then. Being a cheeky baby is completely fine, even I've been known to blow a few raspberries at Mommy and get a little messy during feeding time :) But yeah, as a standard, I'm pretty much just a little cuddle-bug and a very calm baby :D
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    Being a brat

    Yeah, never really got that whole thing, probably because I'm such a little and well-behaved baby :D I think if your partner is willing, being a brat or getting a little fussy might be alright, within limits. I think if you were bratty consistently, you'd really be testing your Caregiver and...
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    How do you get checked?

    Having had quite a few Mommies in my life so far, each and everyone checked in their own way :) My first Mommy/GF would only change wet diapers, so her way of checking was the pat test. She would pat the rear of my diaper and if it sagged or felt clammy it was change time :D My Mommy Friend...
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    What was your first time

    My first time, was when I was 16. It was a beautiful summer day and the start of my summer break. I had some time before my summer job started and my Mother was away on business for an entire week. So I took out a little bit of money, some for video games and some for diapers, obviously ;) I...
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    Re: Anyone have an adult high chair?

    OMG, that is absolutely adorable :love: Look at you, living the dream with a Mommy/Sitter and a fancy highchair :D I second Momma2Moosey, where did you find that terrific piece? or Did you make it yourself? My current Mommy/GF is always talking about setting aside space for a nursery of my...
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    Do ABDLs/DL overwork?

    I think it varies. Some ABs are totally chill and like to lounge about taking a go with the flow type of approach to their lives and then there are others who work their butts off so they can keep themselves padded and happy :D No one way is right and no one way is wrong, as long as you are...
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    Deep Regression

    No need to be scared at all, I'm sure you're not alone. There are many ABs who really regress right down to that absolute baby level, I should know, I'm one of them ;) and like you, I too view this as a part of who I am and as a form stress relief :) I find that my age tends to fluctuate a bit...
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    Admitting / Involving Your Partner

    First off, this is probably something you should have revealed at the start of your relationship or at least after things started getting serious. I believe the general rule of thumb is that if you are an AB or a DL, you should confide early in the relationship before things get legit. With my...
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    Breastfeeding Fantasies

    Awwww, no need to be embarrassed, I think breastfeeding is something that many an AB has wondered and or fantasized about :) I know I certainly have as well ;) For me it's nonsexual as well, in fact there are many ANR relationships wherein the nursing aspect is devoid of any sexual slant. I can...
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    To Poofybutt...

    My apologies, for some reason I needed to do some account management stuff :unsure: I now have full access to my account :) If you want to PM me, go right ahead, you should be able to now. I look forward to it :)
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    It's all good my friend, I just noticed now that you are from France, so after a while, I figured it may have been miscommunication or misinterpretation :) I am unfamiliar with how things are portioned out in France, but our water bottles in Canada are 500 mls per bottle and I usually drink 3...
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    Sigh, this is getting old :cautious: Nothing I said should be raising any red flags for you or making you talk like an after-school special. I also find it curious that you are the only one complaining. Nothing I have said conflicts with what anyone else has quoted or said here either. 2...
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    No it really isn't. Suggested water intake may vary a bit depending on who you ask and other factors, but the average that is recommended is 2 litres a day. Three 500 ml bottles consumed in the span of a day, spread out, is less than the recommended intake of 2 litres and you can be slightly...
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    Three bottles of water is 1.5 litres (500 ml x 3) spread out over a day and it is completely healthy. Most physicians and doctors will tell you that the average amount of water you should drink in a day is around 2 litres, spread out of course, that's what my family doctor told me. I'm also...