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    Still too much stuff

    First off, relax and take a deep breath 😌 I think most ABs and Littles have had similar concerns, keeping our stashes manageable so others don't find out. That being said, I think purging is always a poor way of dealing with situations like these. You said it yourself, you are attached to these...
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    Male vs Female Littles

    Yeah, the divide can seem rather large, but I'd say it's smaller than what earlier estimates state. I believe that Understanding Infantilism posits the divide as being around 80/20 :unsure: 80% Male ABs and 20% Female ABs, but I know quite a few female ABs and Littles and there is no shortage...
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    How you change your diaper

    When I'm changing solo, not really 😅 When I'm on my own I tend to change my diapers standing up 🙂 I may invest in an adult-sized changing pad one day and then I'll be able to change while lying down when I'm on my own 🙂 When I'm with Mommy, then it's a different story 😄 My Mommy/GF changes me...
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    If you could stop being abdl

    Nah, I'd never get rid of this side of myself. I admit, when you start out it can be hard to wrap your head around, but I came to terms with this rather quickly :) I have always known that this was a part of myself that was never going away and since I have been living on my own, I have been...
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    Busted at hotel

    I would hardly consider that being busted 😅 Unless they confronted you or room service entered when you were diapered up and regressed I wouldn't take this to heart much ;) Room service generally doesn't have information on or the names of the guests who are occupying the rooms and they...
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    ABU Bunny Hopps and DinoRawrz - Whats your thoughts?

    They're quite cute design wise, but I am a bit disappointed that they don't have a single-tape option for the Dino-Rawrz :cautious: Another thing that bothers me is that the consistency of the outer shell on both brands looks far too stiff for my liking, too plasticy I guess 😅 It looks similar...
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    What happens to you when you can't wear/be little for extended periods of time

    As LittleMoosey said, sometimes adult priorities and obligations get in the way of my wearing. I try to mediate this by setting aside at least one day a week or the weekends to wear and regress, but sometimes, when the going gets tough, I have to put my diapers and baby things on the back burner...
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    Best wife ever, I feel loved.

    I have had the "revealing for the first time" moment about three times over now 😅 I've been very lucky, there have been 3 women at different parts of my life who accepted this side of myself and tried their hand at Mommying me :) There were slight similarities between the three experiences...
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    Waddle or Crawl?

    Just a thought, how do my fellow ABs and padded pals like to get around when regressed, do you waddle around or do you crawl? I tend to do both when regressed and I have found both come quite naturally to me :) Really though, when one is diapered up, how can they not waddle :LOL: I would say...
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    Pampers electronic diaper sensor

    My Mommy/GF was just talking about this the other day and she said that it seems terribly lazy and impractical, I believe her exact words were along the lines of, "do you really need a siren or a text to know when a diaper needs changing? I mean, it's rather obvious when they need changing...
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    Kids TV Shows

    Are we talking shows we watch in general, or the stuff we watch when regressed? When regressed The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Care Bears and Babar are my go-to programs 😄 But Mommy threw on some Paw Patrol when I visited her last, it was my first time catching it and it's a pretty good...
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    Is having an "Authentic experience" important to you?

    I can't vouch for all ABs, but yes, realism or authenticity is a big part of my regression time ☺ Realism for me, however, extends to more than just using my diaper as nature intended ;) I aim for as immersive an experience as possible; I wear babyish outfits, eat baby food, drink from a baba...
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    Diaper for my little?Help!

    Hmmm, that is an interesting conundrum, usually the only times I chafe when wearing a diaper is if it's extremely hot outside. Once solution could be to wear when it's cooler out, that will cut down on sweat and chafing, but from the sounds of things, perhaps your partner has sensitive skin or...
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    Favourite little music

    Yeah, lullabies are my favourite as well ☺ For some reason, Rock-a-bye Baby just makes me feel safe and secure and makes regression time so wonderful and refreshing 😄 My Mommy has an app on her phone that plays lullabies, so she made good use of that when I visited with her a few weeks ago :)
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    Breastfeeding my husband

    Interesting! I have often heard that alternating between mouth and pump is doubly effective, however, we are long distance at the moment, like living in completely different countries long distance, so pump it is 😅 Also, my Mommy has said that hospital grade pumps, like the one she purchased...