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  • Thank you, Oleman! This has been a very long week, trying to get in 20 posts and trying to make them meaningful and non-trivial. I wanted to reply to your earlier message, and tell you that I live in North Fort Worth, near Keller if you know where that is.

    We go to Canada at least once a year because my wife's mother is in a nursing home in New Brunswick. She is 94 and in fairly good health. We often go through, or near, Sherman on our way, so I have a ganeral idea where you are. I am really hoping we can become good friends, maybe someday even meet for a coffee or something, but that will probably be a long way off, if ever. In the meantime I am so glad to meet someone about the same age, with similar interests and problems. Again, than you for "friending" me!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have five more days of school and then retirement. We had a Christmas dance for the kids today, those who accumulated enough book reading points. Everyone had a great time, but afterward it really hit me how much I'd miss my kids. It's something I'll have to deal with. Kids are amazing.
    I'm also staying inside! There's no other way to really deal very well with it. Ugh! Even the pool feels like a hot tub. :P
    Thanks for friending me, oleman! You know, I thought we were already friends before now. I'm glad we are now! Another AB right up in my neck of the woods too! Great to know you!
    Sorry I didn't get back sooner, you ask if I diaper my bear, No I would have to find preemie diapers to do that . He is a Muffin Bear. I got him 13 years ago when I had Heart surgery, A Sir Koff-a-lot., Bear. No diaper but he has a t-shirt that I pinned together to make a onsie.
    Your avatar is a pacifier. Do you use/enjoy them? I sleep with a NUK 5 every night, as it helps a LOT to keep me from snoring, and my wife appreciates that I don't shake the house anymore ;)

    My best to you,

    And still another 60+ ABy, been so since I was 6 or 8 YO. Incontinent and wearing 24/7 for 25+ years, my ABy side helped a lit when I first went 24/7.

    Do you ever get on chat here? If so, when?

    My best to you,

    I wear diapers by choice. Lately I've been wearing a lot. What kind of diapers do you use? I am using mostly generic Walmart, Walgreens, etc tape-on diapers. I see you are an AB as well; are you also a sissy (I see you talk about wearing panties and a skirt)? I am mostly a DL but I am something of an ALK (adult little kid), about three years old and only partly potty trained. Wearing panties sounds interesting, diaper or not.
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