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    ABDL families

    Please potty train your children, it is needed in life.
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    When and how did you discover that adult nappies existed?

    I dunno the advert as that was like 14 years ago
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    Confessions of a British DL

    I was at school between 2008-2013. Girls were cliquey but were still friendly to those they didn't hang out with.
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    When and how did you discover that adult nappies existed?

    Didn't realise until I was like maybe 7/8 when I was watching a show with my parents about the funniest adverts from around the world and one included women playing tennis wearing diapers.
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    Confessions of a British DL

    At my school all girls were really nice to each other, even if they weren't friends but boys would beat each other up and give anyone grief over the smallest of things. I told some girls from my school about this side of me, god forbid a boy found out while I was in school, my life would've been...
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    Confessions of a British DL

    Boys are always more relentless when it comes to embarrassing things, girls are so considerate whereas boys will literally stop at nothing to tease people. My ex was in nappies until around 4 years old and another girl I had a brief relationship with was in them until she was like 4 but still...
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    Poop in diapers?

    When no one is around I sometimes do
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    Older children on diaper packages

    All the children on the German brand look like they're old enough to be in school, even on the size 5s. The Pampers ones I'd say size 7 looks like he's about 4 and the girl on size 8 maybe 6 or 7.
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    Pampers electronic diaper sensor

    The whole point of it is track wet and dirty diapers so parents know how many times they've used the diaper and when they're most likely to use it's not that they're not gonna check themselves. It also tracks sleep too.
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    Confessions of a British DL

    Whenever there was a cartoon that involved someone wearing diapers and being treated like a baby I remember it more, like Mona The Vampire or Code Name Kids Next Door
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    Own brands that are as stretchy as pampers? (UK only)

    Think Lupilu stretch a little and I think ASDA's, don't think any others have much stretch at all although the Aldi Mamia nappies are pretty big
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    Confused about the Abu Dinorawrz

    Don't want to alarm you but that's no stuffed animal
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    Anyone want to experience sand in your diaper?

    Sand is annoying, especially around private parts and for girls it can cause some serious irritation.
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    Does anyone else remember a diaper/nappy of this description?

    I know back then they had a purple elephant on them, my cousin wore them.
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    Less bulky / more discreet diapers in UK

    NappiesRUS PlayDayz are pretty thin and discreet