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    Anyone like the smell?

    Smell generally doesn't bother me, I've changed many wet and dirty diapers.
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    Starting School in Nappies

    Yep and schools in the UK are increasingly being underfunded, not like education is important or anything. Cuts to free school meals as well meaning poorer children often go hungry. Also lots of teachers have to pay for supplies that the school should really pay for.
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    Starting School in Nappies

    I understand about the younger children, fair enough, it's the part where I mentioned 11 year olds going to school in nappies is crazy. All of the children they were talking about, none of them had an actual disability that's what makes things bad.
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    Starting School in Nappies

    It was on Sky News a few years back about older children going to school in nappies, some even as old as 11 years old. It's crazy. Around 2/3 children are trained in the day by age 3. Around 90% are trained in the day by age 4, before they start school.
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    Favorite thing about wearing diapers?

    Convenience of not having to stop what I am doing at least until I have to change later. I like the warmth and swelling as well. Also a stress relief.
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    How does it feel to get diaper changed by someone

    It's a great feeling, me and my ex are ABDLs so we often changed each other.
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    Pampers Cuirsers Size 7 Changes? Plus Experiences?

    I miss the old Pampers designs, the 2008 Sesame Street designs were much better imo, and I think were bigger than today's size 7 and even the size 8s in the UK
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    When did you know you were an ABDL?

    I had been interested with diapers since I can remember, so around 2/3 years old. I thought I was the only one until I started searching on the Internet around aged 12, that's when I knew for sure.
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    Microwaving diapers... hear me out.

    Do not do this, like someone else mentioned another person, who won't be named, used to do this. He now has cancer, which I fully expect was because of him microwaving diapers and then wearing them. Certain things give off toxic fumes and carcinogens when heated. Just don't do it.
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    Diapers you wore as a baby?

    I had disposable ones, plastic backed as it was the late 90s
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    I was 2 and don't remember all that much besides having a potty
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    Why do (some) people equate Diapers to bad hygiene?

    Because it's linked to human waste. Simply put.
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    Anybody noticed how most ABDL diapers smelled similar?

    Most diapers are made in China most likely in the same factory and a lot of them will have the exact same ingredients.
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    Do any companies run ads for their ABDL diapers? Do you want them to?

    If it doesn't increase prices on the products then why not? I know incontinent people who use ABDL diapers because of absorption and I think those that don't fully know might learn a bit more.
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    Co worker found out

    This seems so far-fetched