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    Good size pampers?

    Aren't crotch shots banned from ADISC? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Nappy Deliveries and DPD - UK

    I've never had problems with DPD. They're always on time for me. I can see where they are before they get to my house which is handy. I don't tend to order online but drive to pick mine up.
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    New Cruisers Size 6

    They released these designs a while back in the US, like during or before last summer. In the UK we've had animals on ours for years. Last time we had Sesame Street was like 2011/2012 on what was known as Active Fit (UK Cruisers).
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    Why are clothdiapers white ?

    Many people have already explained why. Diapers are also white or predominantly white with disposables as it's seen as pure. You associate that with babies.
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    Flushable diapers

    Before reading the article this just sounds like a load of nope and from the looks of things, it is
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    Any uk people

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    Earliest memory in a diaper?

    I don't have any memories before I was trained. After was 7 years old for me, I found some of my cousin's and wore one.
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    diaper or nappies

    For me sometimes I say diaper, sometimes nappy as I'm from the UK. Sometimes I'll say dip or dippy or even the French word couche.
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    Bladder Shyness

    I’m also very shy, if I ever use a urinal, no one else has to be near me or I totally lock up. I always opt for a stall no matter what and the only public bathrooms I will use are at university because at least they are clean to a degree and not used as much. When I’m wearing a diaper I find it...
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    How would you react if you found out your son/daughter wore diapers?

    I'd probably ask why but be accepting of their answer and set down to rules on when they can wear them etc.
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    Different Sizing with Different Brands

    So recently I went and bought some NRU Playdayz, I bought these in large even thought I have, at most, a 32" waist. I bought large because with other brands such as ABU, Crinklz and Dotty The Pony, their medium sized diapers say they fit up to a 36" waist yet some of these are tight on me and...
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    Should minors be in the community?

    I recently read a story on Instagram and it explained so much as to why minors should not be allowed in the community. I downloaded the images and posted them here for you to read.
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    Went Through TSA Diapered

    Hey so I've seen many threads about people going through security and being scanned and stopped by the TSA because the machine detected something. I went through security yesterday in a diaper, it was wet, and nothing came up. I was free to go. On another note, I did go through security last...
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    New Pampers 7 prints

    I'm kind of sad because in the UK they only had Sesame Street on Active Fit (UK Cruisers) and they got rid of them like 7 years ago now so whenever I've come to the US I've always bought Pampers because I like Sesame Street. I recently bought Cruisers and Swaddlers and noticed Cruisers didn't...
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    How Many of Us Actually Work With Children?

    Wasn't sure where to put this, assumed this would probably the best place as it's directed at ABDLs mainly. So a little back story, up until last summer I had never had experience working with children whatsoever. I never even gave it a thought until when I was half way through my first year at...